5 Online Games You Can Play With Your Friends During Your Next Virtual Reunion

Thanks to the power of the internet, we can stay in contact with each other in the safety of our homes.
by Jessica Tambunting   |  Dec 30, 2021
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It might not be easy for some of you to schedule dates to go out with friends because of the pandemic. It does not mean you can’t spend time with your friends, however. Thanks to the power of the internet, we can stay in contact with each other in the safety of our homes. You can celebrate the holidays with your friends through Zoom, Discord, or other similar platforms. To spice up your celebration-slash-reunion, add some games to your agenda.

Here are five online games you should try out with your friends:


You can either play this as individual contestants against each other or in groups. This game has the same mechanics as the television game show. The person will pick a category and an amount. A question will be flashed, and they have to answer the question with a question.

The website already has pre-made boards to choose from. To make it more fun, however, you can customize your board. You can assign someone to be your host. That person will be in charge of designing the board to fit your friend group and tracking the scores. The winner of the game is the person or group that accumulates the highest points.

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If you liked playing Monopoly Deal, this is the game for you and your friends. The game is essentially like it, but, as the name implies, it’s COVID edition. The rules are very similar. There are two ways to win. The first way is to complete three sets of properties. The second way is to collect all 10 property colors. Because it's COVID edition, the currency is in masks, while the properties are named Immunity Place, Vaccine Valley, and the like. Try it out with your friends to discover the unique properties and action cards. 


This is a regular game of Tetris. There are different ways to win, however, depending on the type of room you created. It can be survival mode wherein the winner of the game is the last person who loses—the last person standing. Another option is sprint. Here, it is the first person to clear a certain amount of lines that win. You can find more choices on their website!



Time to bring out your artistic side. This game is like Pictionary. Each player gets a chance to draw. If you are the drawer, you have to get at least one of your peers to guess your drawing to earn points. If it is not your turn to draw, however, your goal is to guess the right answer. Try to be the fastest player to answer to earn the most points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Family Style

This is an application that you and your friends can download on iOS and Android. This game is good for two to eight players. In this game, you and your friends are “chefs” in a kitchen. Each of you needs to prepare a variety of dishes, but the ingredients may be with other players. Hence, you must work together to successfully prepare your dishes and win the round as a group. Fair warning, it may involve some screaming—depending on how intense you play. 


If you are looking for a sign to schedule a game night with your barkada, this is it. Set a date and make the most out of your break. Enjoy the rest of your holiday vacation!


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