OMG! Our Biggest Fan Moments

We share our favorite fangirl/fanboy encounters (or at least those we wish happened!).
  |  Nov 27, 2012
photo courtesy of FOX Broadcasting Co. (Glee)
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What's your best fan encounter?

marla.jpg Growing up, I was deeply in love with Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys. A few years ago, I got to interview him over the phone. He told me I asked good questions! It was a happy day. —Marla, Deputy Editor in Chief
steph.jpg My best fangirl encounter would be watching BIGBANG last October. :) I literally sang and screamed all the songs! Hahaha! —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg Hands down it would have to be running into Jared Leto at the Bangkok International Airport. I think the fact that it was a quick, unexpected encounter made the moment all the more special. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg Definitely when I got a chance to interview Daniel Radcliffe. I've been a huge Harry Potter fan since Day 1 and it was such a thrill to talk to him—even if it was just over the phone. He was super nice, too! —Angel, Features Editor
Once when I was in Hawaii I met Sayid from Lost, which was my absolute favorite show at the time. I'm pretty sure I nerded out on him and embarrassed myself, but I regret nothing! —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor

I missed Bigbang when they were here in Manila, but that would definitely be it. —Jed, Fashion and Beauty Assistant

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dyan.jpg The time I interviewed Darren Criss, definitely! That was shortly after he first appeared on Glee and blew everyone away with "Teenage Dream." I went to the interview a casual fan and left a flailing fangirl. He was so nice and smart and dreamy, and I've been a huge fan ever since. Been wishing for a clothing brand to bring him here, haha! —Dyan, Assistant Entertainment Editor
macy.jpg Getting to watch John Mayer  up close! I know everyone thinks he's such a jerk, but I've loved him since Room for Squares. What a treat it was to see him perform my favorite songs live. It didn't even matter I stood under the pouring rain for two hours! —Macy, Web Managing Editor
erin.jpg I would probably faint if either Kanye, Jay-Z, or Ian Somerhalder gave me a hug. Seriously. —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant
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