Oh No, Instagram Is Testing the Feed Update We've Been Dreading

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 16, 2016
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While we're still trying to process the new update on Instagram's colorful logo (we love the new interface, BTW), this other new update they've been working on will freak you out. The peeps behind the photo-sharing app announced on their blog back in March that they'll be having an algorithm-based feed that will help you see the posts you care about more. Nope, you won't be seeing photos from people you follow based on the time they've uploaded the update anymore. (via TeenVogue.com)

We thought this wouldn't be pushing through as many users expressed their aversion to it. But according to reports, Instagram has been quietly testing it out in countries like New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Venezuela. (via SMH.com.au)

Users aren't very happy about this because according to them, the company didn't even have any warning. "Already the photos posted by people I follow are all mixed up in my feed and only the most popular posts are at the top so I feel sorry for small businesses starting out on Instagram as their posts will never be seen by prospective customers," Kiwi Instagrammer Samantha Howard McGill said in the Sydney Morning Herald article.

There's also a petition via Change.org to keep the Instagram Feed chronological which has 336,332 supporters as of this writing.

What do you think of this update, Candy Girls? Let's discuss in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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