5 Easy Ways You Can Incorporate Nutella Into Your Coffee

Iced, hot, and frapuccino-style!
by Retty Contreras for Cosmo.ph   |  Apr 9, 2020
Image: (L) Pixabay/Martin de Arriba (R) YouTube/Kitchen Time with Neha
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Nutella and coffee: Literally two of our favorite things in the world. We dug up some recipes of how we could possibly put these two together to come up with drinks that could fuel us for long work days, and we’re happy to report that we have succeeded. Here, check out different Nutella coffee drink recipes you can totally try for yourself (break muna sa Dalgona coffee!):

Nutella Mocha Latte

You’ll need: Espresso (you can substitute this with instant black coffee), Nutella, and warm milk.

Nutella Iced Coffee

More into iced coffee? You can try this caffeine-packed recipe:

Nutella Frapuccino

Honestly, this looks *so* good and perfect for a hot summer day. Throw everything in a blender and enjoy.

Nutella Flavored Iced Coffee

This recipe gives tips on how you can upgrade your Nutella iced coffee: you can add in hazelnut sauce, vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream.


Bonus: The Ultimate Nutella Milkshake

Not a coffee drinker? Or just feel like indulging? This decadent Nutella milkshake recipe will end all your dessert cravings. See for yourself!

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