The NTC Fitness App Answers All Our Workout Dilemmas

You got to download this workout app!
by Pam Carlota   |  Oct 14, 2016
Image: NTC Nike
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Athlete or not, we all want to have that fit figure to show off. But not all of us can be at the gym and we blame those expensive healthy food, pricy diet products, and those long hours in school or the office why we're flabby and not fit. Now, there should be no excuse to why you can't have a healthy lifestyle change, because there's this fitness app that caught our attention—and it's totally free!

The app we're talking about is the Nike+ Training Club app. It recently had an upgrade, so it just got better! Here are 7 reasons why this app managed to catch our attention:

  1. It has 100+ Workouts!

We heard that it's designed by Nike trainers—so it's totally legit!

  1. It's designed for boys and girls.

Don't you hate it when some workouts are gender-biased? No more doing it like a dude! This app adjusts for us.


  1. You could totally channel your inner Simone Biles!

For its designed workouts are inspired by the world's best athletes, you get to have a sneak peek at the workouts they do. You never know, you might even get to catch the eye of a Zac Efron, or that Brazilian heartthrob. ;)

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  1. It makes time for you.

The app is so personalized that it can adapt to your schedule!

  1. Say goodbye to inconsiderate workouts.

Since the app asks how your session was, it adjusts your next workout session. It goes at your own pace and adapts to what you can and can't do at the moment.

  1. You can snap and share all you want.

It includes a number of stickers so you could share your gym-wear OOTD!

  1. You don't need fancy equipment.

There's always that option where all you need is your bodyweight, and the trainer is already on your phone instructing you as you do floor workouts.


If those reasons aren't enough to convince you to workout, here's a fitness video to help inspire you to start now and make that lifestyle change!

Which workout are you going to try doing first?

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