Different Types Of Journaling You Can Do Using Your Old, Unused Notebooks

It's the best time to pick up a new hobby and put those notebooks to use.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jan 22, 2020
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Admit it, we’re probably not the only ones with a pile of extra ~cute~ but painfully unused notebooks quietly stacked on our study tables. While they’re pretty to look at, maybe it’s time you dust off the cobwebs and actually use them this time around. And in case you haven’t heard, journaling is kind of a big thing right now, so it’s the best time to pick up a new hobby and put those notebooks to use. Here are some journaling ideas to start you off:

DIY Planner

Make 2020 your year by starting your own bullet journal! Basically, you get to create and layout your own planner the way you want to, so you’ve got the freedom to choose a system that works for you.

Reading Journal

Planning to get back to your old hobby of reading as many books as you can in a year? Track your progress by converting an old notebook into a reading journal. List down the books you’ve already read to inspire you, as well as the books you wish to read this year. You can also dedicate one whole page to a single book, decorate it, and write down your thoughts about it.

Music Journal

Unleash the inner fangirl in you by starting your own music journal dedicated especially to your favorite artists. List down your all-time favorite tracks, your current faves, and the artists you love the most. For fans of K-pop, starting a K-pop journal is a fun way to channel all your love for your idols and ult groups. Dedicate pages for your biases and get your creative juices flowing by designing each page.

Art Journal

For artists or wannabe artists, an art journal is an effective way to track your progress. Grab an old notebook lying around and decorate it to reflect your personality or art style. Whenever you have the itch to draw, bring it out and start scribbling!

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