New Year, New Goals

  |  Jan 15, 2008
photos by Dakila Angeles (Mia and Roch), Ocs Alvarez (Steph, Angel, and Margaux), and Pat Dy
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The Candy eds dish about their New Year's resolution. What's yours?

miac.jpg Sleep early! Hahaha! :) —Mia, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg I want to try playing the drums. I think it will be fun! :D—Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg Swimming with the gentle whale sharks which I'm planning to do this March! :) —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg Travel to a place I've never been before like Batanes. I also want to try extreme sports like Muai Thai. :) —Angel, Assistant Features Editor
margaux.jpg Try out an extreme sport, like surfing or skydiving! —Margaux, Fashion Assistant
marla.jpg I want to learn how to cook! And I mean real dishes, not just pasta or scrambled eggs. That way, I spend less on fastfood delivery and start eating healthier. :) Marla, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg Eat veggies, slowly but surely. I know this is nothing new to most of you, but I haven't really eaten veggies (lettuce in burgers or tomatoes on pizzas don't count) in my 25 years of existence. Shameless, I know. ): —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpg Surfing! I've been wanting to learn how to surf ever since. :P —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer
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