All The Interesting Apps On Lifestyle Blogger David Guison’s Phone

A lot of them are apps we haven't heard of before.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Apr 3, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/David Guison
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Have you ever wondered what kind of apps your favorite influencers have on their devices? TBH, same. As someone whose work relies heavily on mobile devices, influencers' phones are a treasure trove of interesting and useful applications. 

Thankfully, lifestyle blogger David Guison generously shared what kind of apps he stores on his phone, and TBH, a lot of them are apps we haven't heard of before! Below, we list down a few of the apps from David's phone that caught our attention:


If you’re someone who likes a well-curated Instagram grid, this app is right up your alley. UNUM lets you see how your photos would look like next to each other on your Insta profile. It also has a feature that lets you edit your photos in the app to make them look cohesive. Another plus? You can connect your Instagram account to the app for easier access and posting.


UNUM is available on iOS and Android.


TimeTree is an app that lets users share one calendar, so everyone gets to stay updated sa mga ganap mo sa buhay. If you’re planning meetings for your group’s thesis or if your family needs to stay informed about each other’s busy schedules, this app could come in handy.

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TimeTree is available on iOS and Android.


Do you ever have those moments when you hear a song you like but don’t know the title? Ang hassle lang ‘di ba? Good thing there’s Shazam—an app that can identify a certain song playing in your surroundings. In his vlog, David says it’s pretty accurate, so we’ll take it!

Shazam is available on iOS and Android.


Para sa mga self-confessed mema and proud, you might find this app amusing. AutoRap will turn literally whatever you record on it into a dope rap song. Practicing for your orals? Record it in the app and turn it into a diss track, LOL.


AutoRap is available on iOS and Android.


Listening to ASMR is weirdly relaxing for many, including David! Through the app Sonno, users can select various relaxing sounds for an “immersive sound experience.” They’ve got a range of audio to choose from—ASMR, white noise, and other calming sounds from nature.

Sonno is available on iOS and Android.

Cocoon Weaver

Got some thoughts you want to write down but have no time to type it out? Audio record it first with this app and it’ll transcribe the words for you!

Cocoon Weaver is available on iOS and Android.

Want to know what else is in David’s phone? Watch the entire vlog here:


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