How You’re Affected by the Mercury Retrograde, Based on Your Sun-Moon-Rising Signs

Don't blame Mercury Retrograde. Instead, read what this Filipina Astrologer has to say so you can survive this cosmic event!
  |  Jan 30, 2021
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Wrong send, slow Internet, and laptops crashing in the middle of writing a paper—these technological mishaps that supposedly can happen during Mercury Retrograde.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

When the planet Mercury—which rules logic and communication—appears to go backwards on its orbit for three weeks, it’s believed to cause misunderstandings and delays to the poor unfortunate souls on Earth. With everyone online while they attend classes from home, it seems Mercury Retrograde makes “accidentally” liking your ex’s Instagram post likelier to happen. Yikes! But are the stars really to blame or should you ask yourself why you were lurking on their social media instead?’s resident astrologist Luanne Manlapaz compares Mercury Retrograde to traffic, with all of the cars on the road representing the different tasks you want to do at the same time. “Maybe because of too many things going on, we tend to knock off the coffee cup, spill it on the laptop, and experience a hassle like no other.” But while Mercury Retrograde can take the flack for bumper-to-bumper anxiety, she adds, “If you know it’s rush hour then the responsibility to leave early is up to you!”


That’s why this astrological period is a great time to think before you act and reflect instead of react. “People are always rushing to the next thing, and often always multitasking along the way,” says Luanne. “This reduces the quality of our outputs. Mercury Retrogrades are periods that allow us to take a pause.

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Luanne also shares how learning about your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs can actually help you prepare for each Mercury Retrograde—which happens three to four times a year!

“If Mercury retrogrades in a sign that holds one of your Big Three, then the retrograde will be more eventful for you, than most.”

If Mercury Retrograde is in your Rising Sign, it can affect your physical reality.

According to Luanne, “In the sign of your Ascendant, Mercury Retrograde not only magnifies tendencies for miscommunications, but can also add to physical inconveniences especially when commuting or in transit.”


Set double alarms before important engagements, or give yourself time to test that Zoom link in case your app decides to upgrade right when your meeting is about to start! “It’s like going outside with no umbrella when there’s a forecast for rain,” says Luanne. “If you get caught in the downpour, would it be appropriate to blame the clouds?”

If Mercury Retrograde is in your Sun Sign, your leadership skills and public persona will be in the hot seat.

“A Mercury Retrograde in the sign of your Sun will affect the way people see and understand you,” says Luanne. “It can make your intentions and goals a bit confusing.” This is a good time to practice some meditation, yoga, or give yourself a time out from chasing your ambitions. Focus on personal growth and rest—this is the most important work!

If Mercury Retrograde is in your Moon Sign, feelings could be a sensitive topic.

“In the sign of the Moon, emotions may be heightened more than usual. Feelings of being misunderstood or overlooked might pop up and, if acted upon, small issues could be blown out of proportion,” cautions Luanne. Try not to take things personally during the next couple of weeks. Take time to discover the root of your insecurities without judging yourself or projecting unto others. That’s easier said than done, but you’ll be the one to benefit the most from it! How about finding a creative hobby that will help you express yourself?


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