Low-key Signs That Prove You're Actually a Genius

by Pam Carlota   |  Feb 28, 2017
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Have you ever stopped to think if you are actually a genius, or wondered what do geniuses have in common? Check out this list of the common signs seen in geniuses or those with high IQs we've gathered from the internet. You never know, you might actually be a natural-born genius. See how much of a genius you actually are and tick off all the low-key signs you could relate to. 

  1. You worry a lot and you're bad in social situations.

Your social anxiety might have a link to you being a genius because when you're faced with social situations, you tend to think too much. Psychologists say that geniuses have a "simulation mind" where they imagine the future ahead and are cautious of risks by coming up with reasons why everything won't work. (via shynesssocialanxiety.com)

  1. You like to stay up all night.

Sleeping bores you and you'd rather keep your brain stimulated by staying up all night just to finish a book.

  1. When you always doodle.

Who knew that doodling can be a step closer to Van Gough and Picasso? Genius people love to express themselves in abstract ways and the fact that you doodle could mean that it's a creative outlet of expressing ideas. (via listverse.com)

  1. You often talk to yourself.

Talking to yourself doesn't mean you're crazy, it may just mean that you're a genius. Talking to yourself helps you materialize your ideas and make sense of things. (via elitedaily.com)

  1. You're a good liar.

Intelligent people tend to lie more than the average person just to get out of tough situations. To tell a good lie, your brain has to reason and process more efficiently. (via sparkonit.com)

  1. You often misplace your phone.

Becoming a scattered brain might have its perks, too. Because absent minded people tend to think a lot and focus on more important things than remembering where you place your phone. (via elitedaily.com)

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  1. You have a messy room.

A messy room can mean that you have a creative mind because you tend to be more creative and quicker at solving problems. (via designschool.canva.com)

  1. You have a weird hobby.

Proven by Einstein and Stephen Hawking, geniuses throughout history seemed to have trivial and pointless hobbies.

  1. You basically wear the same thing.

Just think of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Albert Einstein. Genius people just love to stick to a routine because it eliminates one more thing to worry about and lets you focus more on important matters.

  1. You love to read.

You love the escape you get from turning a page and diving into a new world. Your curious mind tends to yearn to learn more about the lives and different perspectives of others. 

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How many signs did you get? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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