Learn Tricks to Maximize Space When Packing for a Trip

by Melanie Santiago   |  May 2, 2015
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 1  Store Cords in a Sun Glass Case
Protect your chargers and cables in a hard sunglass case that easily fit into your carry on.

 2  Pill Case to Organize Accessories
Use a pill case to sort your earrings and dainty accessories into compartments to prevent any tangling.

 3  How to Pack Bras
Brags or bra bags can take up a lot of space in your luggage, though they are ideal for keeping the mold of your bra, you can achieve the same effect by filling the cups with underwear to act as a cushion and fold in half.

 4  Folding Jeans  
Lessen the space that jeans take up by following this tip: lay the right leg of one pant on top of the left of the other, and proceed to fold the remaining legs on top, fold over as usual. The layering also prevents too much creasing.  

 5  Blazers  
To prevent creasing on a perfectly good blazer, first, turn them inside out and then fold.

 6  Cushion Your Cosmetics
To prevent your precious makeup from shattering through rough luggage handling, cushion them by placing cotton pads or balls in the case.

 7  Suitcase Packing
If you’ll be traveling for a long time, check out this illustration guide to see how you can fit a month’s worth of clothes properly.

 8  Earphone Hack
Watch this GIF to use a simple binder clip as a useful chord organizer that you can clip onto your bag strap.

 9  Stuff Socks
If you'll bring fragile items on a trip, cushion them by placing the items in socks and shoes.


 10  Toothpaste Dropper
On a short trip, you can fill an empty eye dropper with toothpaste to act as a compact dispenser instead of purchasing another tube.

 11  Hat Packing
We love fedoras and big beach hats! If you intend on keeping them in luggage, check out this pin to learn how to keep them in tip top shape!

 12  Lanyard Toiletry
Make showers easier especially in public baths with a nifty trick, hang your bath essentials using a lanyard and some rings. You can also invest in toiletry bottles designed with a loop at the end similar to this pin.

 13  How to Pack Beauty Essentials
This pin shows you how you can trim down the size of your beauty essentials like storing lotions and creams in contact lens containers and more!

 14  Compact Beauty Packing
Click the link to find out Lauren Conrad’s pro packing tips on makeup. Some how-to’s include cushioning your makeup with washable items in case of spillage.

 15  Money Clip
Next time you plan to take a walk and don’t want the hassle of bringing a large wallet or bag, clip your bills, keys or cards to a binder clip that you can also secure in your pockets.

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