Learn Handy Self-Defense Moves from Tyler Posey and the Stars of MTV's New Show

Learn some of these helpful moves! It's fun to watch and may come in handy in tricky situations.
by Pam Carlota   |  Oct 28, 2016
Image: MTV Art: Clare Magno
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MTV did a great job promoting their new series Sweet Viscious because they made Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey and the stars of the new MTV series, Eliza Bennett and Taylor Dearden, learn some self-defense from a martial arts instructor and professional stunt performer, Matt Berberri. The two girls performed all the moves while the Teen Wolf star bacame their punching bag. No crying here, he's an alpha werewolf after all!

The first move to take note of is staged when someone grabs your arm. For self-defense, Matt Berberri instructs us to yell out loud while twisting the attacker's arm. Then lowering their head, you take a knee to his face.

The second move is how to get out from a bear hug when your attacker is behind you. The instructor says to attack all the vital parts which are the groin, eyes, and ears. Watch how cute Tyler is as he shows how painfully he took the blows that he received.


The third and last move is how to escape from when you are pinned down to the ground. This may be a very scary scenario, but the cast did a very good job in making things light in order to teach their audience how they can escape from the frightful situation.

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Remember to stay safe always, Candy Girls!

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