7 ~Relatable~ Struggles Only Hardcore K-Pop Fangirls Will Understand

by Leika Golez   |  Dec 21, 2022
Image: Pexels Art: Bacs Arcebal
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Hot take: Being a K-pop fangirl is not easy. Many people stereotype fangirls as shallow teens who simply obsess over hot celebrities, but there's more to them beyond their high-pitched screams and endless tweets. Being a fangirl means you're extremely passionate about something—and as we all know, maintaining any kind of passion takes tons of dedication and hard work. I know how OA this may all sound to a non-hallyu fan, but fandoms really do exert a lot of time and energy to make their fave artists feel loved.

If you're curious to learn more about what it's like to be a fangirl (or maybe you're one yourself!), here are seven struggles only hardcore K-pop fans can relate to:

1. You are perpetually broke. You've spent an ungodly amount of money on concert tickets, albums, photocards, and even fan made merch. At some point, you resigned yourself to the idea that you actually have zero self-control.



2. Speaking of K-pop purchases, you treat your merch like they're your actual babies. More than spending hard-earned money on your merch collection, you've also invested a great deal of effort in collecting them and keeping them in mint condition.


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3. Ticket selling is actual war—no exaggerations here! You can have the fastest internet in the world and the most detailed list of back-up seats, but there's never a guarantee of watching your ult faves perform IRL. Even on the off chance that you get to secure your dream seat, your heart will ache for fellow fans who weren't as lucky.


@she.purpleprincess See you on October @seventeen17_official !!! ???? I got my desired section so much ???? #seventeen #ticketselling #bethesuntour #bethesunconcert #livenationphilippines #livenation ? original sound - “;«•αer¡n°“??”°•»;”???? - mashidam????????

4. On your ~extra senti~ days, just the mere thought of your bias makes you cry. You can't even count how many times you've sobbed over fancams, interviews, and music videos. It always feels silly after the fact, but you just can't help yourself in the moment!


@dubadduuwariwarii pt 1/? ???? #taehyung #kimtaehyung #tata #bias #bts #btsarmy ? original sound - andie

5. When your bias doesn't post anything on social media for a while, you feel like you're trapped in a desert with no water. Although the dry spell sucks, you can't deny that the wait is always worth it.



6. Comeback season is just as exciting as it is stressful. Other than creating at least five new email addresses to boost streams and vote in numerous polls, you've also memorized all the new fanchants and lyrics in three working days. If the devil works hard, fangirls work harder!


7. You are in a constant state of missing your bias. It doesn't matter if you attended their concert last week or they just posted on Instagram yesterday—you want to see them happy 24/7!


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