Korean Food That's Perfect for People Who Can't Take Spicy Food

by Pam Carlota   |  Feb 8, 2017
Image: Pixabay.com
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We have fallen in love with the Korean culture with all its K-pop, K-drama, and oppas so much that traveling to Korea tops our travel bucket list. But did you guys know that Koreans love their food spicy? Not-so good news for fellow Filipinos who have been accustomed to sweet, sour, and salty, having taste buds that can't take the heat, at all. But good news, Candy Girls! You can fall in love with the Korean cuisine just as much you love K-pop because we're listing down the top 10 Korean dishes you must try that certainly won't burn your tongue. 

  1. Bulgogi

Thinly sliced grilled marinated beef that's savory to taste.

  1. Donkasu


Like the Tonkatsu in Japan, this is the Korean version of the breaded cutlet.

  1. Jajangmyeon

A noodle dish topped with thick dark sauce made from a salty black soybean. 

  1. Korean Fried Chicken

Eat like Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo with Korea's famous fried chicken. 

  1. Seolleongtang

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This milky broth is made from ox bones, brisket, and other cuts. 

  1. Hotteok

Korean pancake that's a popular street food in Korea.

  1. Juk

If you want to play it safe or you accidentally ate something spicy, follow it immediately with this Korean porridge.

  1. Bossam


A boiled pork dish in Korean cuisine, eaten wrapped in salted Napa cabbage leaves along with radish salad and salted shrimp.

  1. Galbijjim

A favorite Korean comfort food, this dish is made with beef short ribs.

  1. Samgyupsal

A grilled pork belly barbeque that's usually served with a side of lettuce, spinach, and other leafy vegetables. 

Which one's your favorite, Candy Girls? Don't forget to share it with us in the comments!

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