ICYMI, Kathryn Bernardo and Maris Racal Held an Online Grad Party for the Class of 2020

Together with Sunsilk, they inspired a ton of fresh grads with their story!
ICYMI, Kathryn Bernardo and Maris Racal Held an Online Grad Party for the Class of 2020

It's important that we all stay safe at home during the coronavirus pandemic, but that also means we can't celebrate huge milestones, like graduation. We can’t deny that it’s a huge bummer to not be able to march on stage and receive your diploma. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your achievements in your own special, more intimate way.

Because commencement ceremonies all across the country have been canceled, Sunsilk decided to hold its first-ever online grad party for the class of 2020 on Facebook!

On May 28, Kathryn Bernardo and Maris Racal shared their words of wisdom to the Batch 2020 #Hairkada. Here are just some of the inspirational messages they shared:  

Don’t be scared of failure. 

The real world can be a terrifying place, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you feel like you’re not reaping the rewards from all your efforts. “Every time you fail, you become one step closer to success. Huwag kang matakot mag-fail,” Kathryn said. Failure is just part of the learning process, and the important thing is that you grow from your mistakes.

Trust yourself.

If you have doubts about what you’re capable of, shrug them off. You need to remind yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to. And even if you feel like you’re not getting to where you want to be, you have to remember that things take time. “Ang daming steps para ma-achieve mo yung goal mo, but ang pinaka-importante at ang first step na dapat mong sundin is to always believe in yourself and have faith in yourself,” Maris pointed out. 

Take your time to figure out what you want.

You might be feeling pressured to hit the ground running and start your career, but it’s also important to take a step back and check in with yourself. What do you want to do with your life? What career will make you happy? “Take your time,” Kathryn said, “and once malaman mo kung ano yung gusto mo, go for it. Doon magsisisimula. Sometimes, you just have to jump and ang daming possibilities ang mag-o-open para sa’yo.”

Stay inspired.

Instead of feeling anxious, get yourself excited about venturing into the real world! Sure, it’s daunting, but there are so many possibilities for you after graduation. Inspire yourself with the path you will choose to take. Some advice from Maris: “It will really help you if manood kayo ng mga videos of the path that you chose. Kunwari, gusto mo business, makeup, arts—it will really help you if you watch videos and familiarize yourself with them.”

Make your move!

When opportunities open up for you, take the plunge and go for them! As Kathryn said, “Kailangan mong maging patient at kailangan mong pagtrabahuhan kasi walang mangyayari kung ‘di ka rin gagalaw.” Once you get your foot in the door, work hard to make your dreams come true!

Remember, there are a lot of #HABAmazingPossibilities for you out there, and it’s up to you to grab them. If you missed Sunsilk’s online grad party, it’s still up on Facebook for you to see and get inspo from. Congrats, Batch 2020!

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