#KapagBumabagyo: Your ~*Feelings*~ Whenever Classes are Suspended

Because there's just something about the gloomy weather that makes us feel feelings.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 8, 2015
ART Trixie Ison, PHOTO The CW
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Classes in some parts of the country have been suspended today due to Bagyong Falcon and students at home are clearly online, while they wait for announcements on tomorrow's classes or about the school work they missed today. The hashtag #KapagBumabagyo trended on Twitter earlier and we can't help but smile, giggle, and LOL while going through the tweets. So what better way to end this day than share a few laughs with you, our dear Candy Girls. Here are 10 emotional moments that happen to us whenever classes are suspended kapag bumabagyo.

 1  That moment you receive the announcement that there are no classes... after going through North Pole just to take a bath and get ready for school. The pain!

 2  When you realize you have no allowance and no crush sighting for the day.


 3  That moment you realize you're NBSB.

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 4  Whenever you get those moments when you start thinking about ~*life*~, with background music natch!

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 5  When you get a little creative on Instagram with quotes and photos of raindrops on your window.

 6  That moment you realize that you've taken your relationship with food to a whole new level. #RelationshipGoals ya$$$!

 7  When you can finally do your favorite routine.

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 8  Whenever you think about this cuddle weather and your heart breaks a little.

 9  But you think about food again and all is right in the world.

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Stay safe and dry, Candy Girls, and keep praying for everyone's safety in this weather! :)

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