How to Achieve a K-Drama Inspired Room, According to an Interior Decorator

Cop a cozy, minimalist feel for your space!
by Nicole Arcano for   |  Nov 11, 2020
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Another thing that inspires us apart from the fashion in K-dramas are the ultra chic home interiors. For some reason, they all seem to have the perfectly cozy, Instagram-worthy room, and we're sure we aren't alone when we say that we want to achieve the same for our own space.

Thankfully, this minimalist aesthetic isn't that difficult to achieve if you pay enough attention to the colors you pick and the pieces you add to your space. If you need tips, interior decorator Elle Uy shared some helpful pointers on her YouTube channel to get your started.

How to give your room a K-drama-esque makeover:

1. Pick a light neutral shade for your walls.

Walls that are painted in plain and neutral colors are the default base for this look. Elle mentioned shades like white, ivory, and light cream for copping that clean, relaxing aesthetic.

2. Decorate your space with light-colored or light wood furniture.

When shopping for the main pieces like bed, side table, or shelves, get them in light colors or light wood to achieve a fresh vibe that complements the color of your walls. Elle says that light wood in particular creates a nice contrast to a neutral color palette without being too overwhelming.

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3. Opt for low setting furniture.

According to the decorator, furniture that stand at a low height tends to look cozier, which is probably why they're common in homes with this mood. If you have a small room, it can help make your ceiling look higher, too, since it leaves a lot of space vertically.

4. Go for soft furnishings with a light, cozy feel.

Soft furnishings include your curtains, beddings, and throw pillows that literally add softness to a room. Going for sheer, flowy curtains or ones in ivory linen is ideal for a cozy look since they filter daylight well and create a gorgeous effect. Fluffy comforters are also more common than plain sheets, as well as soft rugs.


5. Add different light sources.

Lighting is key to nailing that warm glow in your room at night. Aside from having one main light source, give your space other sources of luminosity like a lamp by your bed or even on the floor!

6. Choose certain areas to add color and texture.

If keeping everything plain and neutral isn't for you, add pops of color and texture with your beddings or pillow covers. Elle recommends sticking to light colors in the pastel spectrum or subtle patterns like gingham in neutral shades.

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7.  Decorate corners with styled vignettes.

Elle describes vignettes as those corners of your room with a variety of knick-knacks that give the room more personality. Decorating your dresser is one way to add one, or putting up some of art on the wall above your bed. The key here is not to fill up your walls and end up overthinking everything, so you can still maintain that casual atmosphere.


Watch Elle Uy's full video below for more inspiration!

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