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"What's your favorite dessert place and what do you like to order there?"
  |  Sep 11, 2007
photos by Ocs Alvarez (Angel), Dakila Angeles (Mia and Roch), and Pat Dy (the editors)
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The Candy eds share their favorite dessert places and desserts. How about you, what are yours?

miac.jpg I love The Chocolate Kiss for its cozy ambience and their Devil's Food Cake. I also love Je Suis Gourmand's Chocolate Sherbet and Burgoo's Mississippi Mud Pie. Just call me the Choco Fiend! Mia, Editor in Chief
mimi.jpg My family and I used to go to Icebergs Wilson all the time, but sadly, it’s been closed for years. :( Now that Icebergs Galleria has opened, I’ll make sure to take a trip upstairs and drink Oreo Milkshake or eat Oreo Parfait with matching fries on the side. Yay! —Mimi, Managing Editor
jennie.jpg My favorite is Cibo for the Tiramisu. Hands down. —Jennie, Beauty Editor
angel.jpg What a hard question! There are so many because I'm a big dessert lover. :) But if I really had to choose, I'd go for Xocolat. I love the frozen hot chocolate and chocolate fondue! YUM!!!
Angel, Assistant Features Editor
margaux.jpg This is a tough one... I LOVE dessert!!! For a quick yummy treat, I always go for milk chocolate cookies from Mrs. Fields. Another fave is BanApple in Katipunan, I order their caramel apple pie. But my newest fave is Penny Brown, I get their classic smackers! Yummm!!! —Margaux, Fashion Assistant
marla.jpg It's not a dessert place, but I love Flaming Wings in Katipunan for their super yummy Wicked Oreos. Imagine soft Oreos coated in tempura batter and topped with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon powder. Heaven! :) Marla, Editorial Assistant
macy.jpg I have a lot of favorites because I'm such a big dessert person. (I can eat just dessert—forever!) One of my favorites is Chocolate Kiss in UP. I used to go there everyday with my college buds and I'd always get a big slice of Kahlua Butter Cake. YUM! I also like their Devil's Food Cake. 6: This is making me hungry. —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpg Friday's Choco Mud Pie has always been my all-time favorite! —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer

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