Junk Foodie or Health Nut?

Take this quiz to find out if you can't stop snacking on junk or if you love the healthy stuff.by Roch Vergara
  |  Mar 6, 2010
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Do you eat vegetables?
It depends on how it's cooked but I eat vegetables whenever I can.
Eww, never. Anything that looks like leaf to me, I won't touch.
Of course! It's always part of my meal.
What is your choice of fast food?
Wendy's. I like that I can have salad with my Frosty.
McDonald's. You can never go wrong with burgers and fries.
Subway. Love their sandwiches!
What do you do first thing in the morning during weekends?
Read the newspaper as you prepare your bowl of Special K.
Get your bacon and eggs, plop on the couch, and check what's on TV.
Dress up and run. Nothing beats a good sweat in the morning.
Your school is 5 blocks away from your house. You'd rather...
bring your bike and cycle your way to school. Good exercise and faster transportation.
take a cab or a tricycle. It's too early to get tired.
walk your way to school to keep your adrenaline high in the morning.
Preparing your baon, which would you prefer to eat for merienda?
Strawberry yogurt and bananas.
A huge slice of chocolate cake drizzled with caramel sauce. Your mom got it for your birthday.
An apple or a slice of fresh pineapple.
In a restaurant, you would order...
grilled fish with buttered vegetables.
cheeseburger and fries.
a bowl of fresh garden salad.

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