Juanderlust Gives You the Chance for a Trip of a Lifetime

Want to travel for 80 days without spending anything?
by Lausanne Barlaan   |  Aug 17, 2015
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TravelBook.ph, in cooperation with StopSleepGo, is giving a lucky traveler a chance to explore 80 of our country's wonders in 80 days! All you have to do is join Juanderlust, the biggest travel competition in the country where they will choose a chosen Juan who will travel (for free!) for 80 days! Not convinced yet? We give you reasons why you should totally join.

 1  It lets you go on an all-expense paid trip around the Philippines!

If you're at least 18 years old, love travelling, writing, and taking pictures, you can be the chosen one! The mechanics for joining is fairly easy: you just need to answer a questionnaire completely, create a 1-minute video, and you're officially a candidate! The whole 80-day trip for the chosen Juan is an all expense paid trip, so you have nothing else to worry about! Seriously, this is our dream job right here.

 2  The trip will push you out of your comfort zone.


Since the chosen Juan will be discovering 80 wonders of the Philippines, you can expect a wide range of activities (Maybe cliff diving? Surfing? The possibilities that our country offers are endless). Everything's hush-hush just yet, but we're sure that the whole trip will consist of more than just touristy itineraries.

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 3  It will help you discover hidden sights in the Philippines.

It's no secret that the Philippines is one of the best travel destinations in the world, and we're sure that Juanderlust is en route to uncovering more hidden destinations. If you want to show Filipino pride on a whole new level, visiting and showcasing the Philippines' wonders is that best way to do it.

 4  It gets you practice your travel writing and photography.

The chosen Juan will be required to keep up a blog documenting the 80-day trip, so you'll get to step up your travel blogging game! They'll be shouldering all the equipment needed, so think of all the blog posts and videos you can create! #blessed


 5  It will be the best 80 days of your life.

Free travel. Enough said.

Can't wait to join Juanderlust? Head on to travelbook.ph/juanderlust and apply!

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