8 Possible Career Paths for TVL Students

The possibilities are endless!
by Chanel Ang   |  May 19, 2023
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Education (DepEd). This high school track for Grades 9 to 12 students guarantees the issuance of certificates of competency (COC) and national certificates (NC), making this course ideal for those who want to work immediately after high school! 

Under TVL, you will have four strands to choose from: Agri-fishery arts, home economics (HE), industrial arts, and information and communications technology (ICT). Confused on what careers you can pick from after taking a track?

Here’s a roundup of the jobs you can take up after pursuing TVL!

Industrial Arts Track

1. Architect

Are you into design or building form and structure? If you choose industrial arts, you will learn more about the effort and technicalities behind the creation of buildings and other infrastructures—exactly what you need to be an architect! 

Architects map out designs for structures and oversee how they are constructed; they are the brains behind the buildings you see today. This career path requires a lot of patience and meticulousness, but it is highly rewarding when you have a role in the establishment of well-built homes, businesses, and more.

The TVL industrial arts track offers information on welding, tile setting, furnacing, carpentry, and electric operations. These are all things that will give you an edge if you choose to be an architect; you will have the technical knowledge that will help you design and layout buildings in an efficient, realistic manner. It will provide the basic technical information of electric installation in your building, as well as how to build to accommodate refrigeration, conditioning, and furniture. In other words, you are the planner and builder of your clients’ dreams!

2. Engineer

If you want to be a changemaker who makes the lives of people more comfortable, this career is for you! Engineering requires technical skills and knowledge to address issues surrounding electricity, transportation, and machinery; thus, this is best accompanied with an engineering course to identify your specialization. But even with just TVL’s specialized subjects, you can be motivated to trailblaze with a new innovation or system!


In general, engineers design, develop, and test structures as well as systems. This can look like civil infrastructure as seen through roads and bridges, or electrical engineering in devices and computer systems. It is a highly technical field, but thankfully, the industrial arts track gives you a glimpse into it.

IA offers courses on automotives, electric power distribution, machining, and engine servicing. Through this track, you can discover your love for improving and creating systems that matter. Engineering will allow you to explore this further by creating the next filtration system or car navigation system!

Agriculture-Fishery Track

3. Development Researcher

While taking the agri-fishery track, you will learn about agriculture, animal healthcare, food processing, and organic farming. You will likely develop a strong inclination towards community, which is perfect for the position of development researcher! This position allows you to analyze farming practices, land development, animal cultivation, and more. Being a development researcher means being able to balance your advocacy alongside career!

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If you want to take it further, you can be a consultant for development practices for governments and non-governmental organizations. This allows you to get paid directly for giving sound advice surrounding relevant social and community issues! Pursuing the latter, however, would require a degree or consultancy experience. 

4. Agronomist

Research is still integral to agronomy, but it is more specific to crops! For all the plantitas and plantitos who want to take their love of nature to the next level, this one is for you. Argonomists are the liaison between farmers who grow the crops and other parties. They provide insights using their botanical knowledge to any stakeholders that ask, be it governments, third-party businesses, or even non-governmental organizations! 

The agri-fishery track under TVL equips you with the basics through courses on agricultural crop production, aquaculture, and more. An agronomist’s main goals are to enhance crop quality and yield, as well as improve the lives of farmer communities. If you’ve always dreamed of being a scientist, a farmer, or an advocate this is the perfect balance of all three!


Home Economics (HE) Track

5. Makeup Artist

If you want to be the next makeup influencer, this could be you. We’re serious! The home HE track offers beauty and nail care, hairdressing, and even fashion design, all of which can give you an eye for artistry!

Makeup artists enhance beauty by applying customized looks on clients from A-list celebrities to everyday people! They are typically hired on an individual basis. Remember, though, that these transformations are not just about glitz and glamor. Make-up artistry is about empowering your clients to feel their most beautiful. 

6. Food Entrepreneur

The HE TVL track offers courses in bread and pastry production, handicrafts, commercial cooking, and more! For all the foodies out there, this course equips you with the basics of how to make the aforementioned goodies. These are good for hobbies, but you can monetize these by starting out with a small Instagram shop and eventually branching out to establishing physical stores. It will take the time, but the combination of passion and skill is worth the wait! 


Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) Track

7. Animator

If you’ve always wanted to create your own animations and take drawing to the next level, the ICT track is your first step to getting there! While best supplemented with formal animation studies, the track offers a course on animation and even illustration to make your Disney dreams come true.

Animators draw multiple images called ‘frames’ and combine them to create a cohesive video. They are able to create magic through the illusion of movement, often accompanied by moving stories, music, and other related things! 

8. Computer Programmer

Have you always loved those cool hackers in the movies? Maybe you’re a fan of the television characters who make their own apps and websites. Turning technology into a tool for businesses, schools, or services are exactly what computer programmers do!

Computer programmers code, design, and test to serve the needs of their clients. Taking up  TVL courses like coding and computer system services can help you discover your love of patterns and critical thinking! Computer programming allows you to monetize this passion while further developing your technical knowledge. You can improve user experience through the strings of code you create!


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