6 Possible Career Paths for HUMSS Students

by Leika Golez   |  May 6, 2022
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The Humanities and Social Sciences strand is an ideal choice for students who are interested in liberal arts, social behavior, and cultural dynamics. Moreover, the track also aims to educate potential graduates about media literacy, communication strategies, art history, and other sub-disciplines within the social studies field. This focus on foundational skills also allows students to choose from a wide selection of fulfilling career paths to take in the future. And contrary to popular belief, a good majority of these jobs actually come with competitive salaries and countless career opportunities. 

If you’re curious about taking up this strand, check out some of the possible career paths you can pursue after completing your studies:  

1. Lawyer 

Licensed to represent other individuals in legal matters, being a lawyer is a very challenging yet fulfilling job. Lawyers typically either prosecute or defend their respective clients in court by reviewing documents, interrogating witnesses, and preparing factual arguments. Other than that, lawyers may also provide legal advice on issues that don’t typically involve court trials, including wills, administrative contracts, and corporate matters. Before pursuing law school and taking the bar exam, aspiring lawyers usually take up political science, psychology, philosophy, or literature as a pre-law course. 

2. Teacher

Teachers are responsible for planning engaging and creative lesson plans that encourage students to learn and gain interest in a variety of subjects. Apart from possessing extensive knowledge in their chosen field of study, good teachers are known to be patient, detail-oriented, organized, and eloquent. There are various subjects and levels of education that aspiring teachers may opt to specialize in; hence, many instructors today naturally come from diverse educational backgrounds. Most commonly, however, future educators take up a four-year teaching degree then major in the specific discipline that they would like to concentrate on.  


3. Politician 

If you have a knack for social work and student leadership, you might have the potential to be an excellent politician. In an effort to build rapport with different communities, politicians are trained to understand various societal problems and make sound decisions based on data and public sentiments. Most notably, many would consider this job to be more of a “calling” than a career path because you would need strong ethical values and negotiation skills to be a good leader. Soft skills aside, you would also need to have a good grasp of public management and legal matters, so most politicians get their start in the field as lawyers and public servants. 

4. Journalist 

Another fulfilling career path that HUMSS students should consider is the publishing industry. A lot of people already know that journalists cover various events and write about relevant issues, but realistically speaking, no day is the same in this job. A journalist’s typical work day entails a broad mix of media-related activities, from looking for story pitches and interviewing sources to performing administrative tasks and monitoring social media. This means that aspiring journalists should also be thorough researchers, eagle-eyed inquisitors, and effective storytellers. Furthermore, future media professionals can hone their journalistic skills by taking a degree in mass communication and contributing to different publications.  

5. Graphic Designer 

It’s easy to think that there are hardly any art-related career opportunities in the Philippines, but society’s shift to digitization paved the way for numerous multimedia art jobs. Nowadays, almost every company is on the hunt for innovative graphic designers who can produce visually aesthetic and meaningful content for their online target audiences. While artistic skills are usually perceived to be inherent, completing a digital publishing or graphic design degree will definitely accelerate your career growth in the industry. 

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6. Public Relations Specialist

Behind every reputable company is a diligent public relations team. Public relations officers deal with the difficult task of keeping a company’s image positive in order to encourage the public to support its brand. Because public relations is an interdisciplinary field, industry professionals can also be called content strategists, copywriters, relationship managers, and account managers. Likewise, they’re also expected to be skilled in all kinds of communication-related tasks, including writing press releases, presenting client reports, and coordinating with people. With this, public relations specialists usually study communications, creative writing, and English courses in college.


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