It's Raining!

What's your rainy day boredom buster?
  |  Aug 5, 2008
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The Candy editors share what they like to do on rainy days. How about you?

mimi.jpg Watching DVD extras of my favorite films/shows such as She's the Man or Bridget Jones. I like buying these DVDs to view the deleted scenes, laugh at bloopers, and find out what the directors/cast think of one another. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg Curling up under the covers to read a good book, watch my favorite DVD, or go to sleep! :) Angel, Assistant Features Editor
marla.jpg Rainy days don't bore me at all—I'd always choose a good book, some DVDs, a cup of coffee, and my warm bed over a day of frolicking in the sun. :) —Marla, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg I like rainy days when I'm indoors. It's the best time to bake warm cookies, eat them with my family, watch whatever old Tagalog flick is on TV, and laugh out loud with my Daddy. (: —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpg I love rainy days! I'll hook up some DVDs and stay in bed the whole day. :D—Roch, Web and Mobile Producer

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