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by Arra Bayan   |  Feb 10, 2016
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Over the years, many have tried to diversify fitnessin an attempt to make visits to the gym more interesting. Compared to the usual routinely workout of just running on the treadmill and lifting weights, choices now vary from circuit training andCrossFit, to parkour, yoga, and boxing, just to name some in the wide selection of activities we canalready participate in. Despite this variety, it limits us as well to what we are able to sustain, considering our respective time constraints and financial capacities.Then came along the best solution to this problem—GuavaPass.

Fresh from its official Manila launch, premium and international brand GuavaPass comes to the country with the promise to offer fitness fans and advocates an elite list of fitness classes with the ease of just one membership. With a well-curated list of high caliber gym and studio partners,users get a chance to participate in a number of different and exciting fitness sessions without the hassle of individual memberships.For just P2,999 a month, just a simple registration through the mobile app or through its official website is all it takes for users to take part in fun workout routines offered by the following GuavaPass partners: 360 Fitness, Bikram Yoga Manila, Beast House, Beyond Yoga, CrossFit MNL, Elorde Boxing, F45, Flying Trapeze, Focus Athletics, Groundzero, HIIT Philippines, L!FE, Lift Hard, Ninja Academy, Polecats Manila, Plana Forma, Platinum Executive Fitness, Primal Ape Crossfit, Saddle Row, Sante Impact System, Ultimate Fitness, Urban Ashram Yoga

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Designed especially for the "fitness curious,"president Rob Pachter and CEO Jeffrey Liu were inspired to create the product around the idea of creating a centralized platform wherein users can gain access to the most diverse and interesting workouts. With the help of General Manager Samantha Rodriguez, and their reliable team of fitness enthusiasts, Pachter and Liu hope to provide a high-quality fitness experience that involves users to continuously take part in colorful and engaging classes. GuavaPass also identifies itself as a very social product, wherein users can feel a sense of community when they go to classes, making it a friendlier and less-intimidating environment for sweat-out sessions.

If you are looking to get fit, this surely serves as a perfect discovery platform in figuring out which workouts best suits your body and interest. There’s no need to worry about being inconsistent in varying workouts as well, as it offers classes that complement each other nicely, and thus contributes to a more cohesive and united fitness circle.


In an attempt to create a social community focused on holistic wellness, they're also looking to partner with healthy living establishments to provide extra benefits to its members. And since GuavaPass is a well-known international brand in destinations such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney, members will also have access to the best fitness classes in these cities!

Diverse, premium, and well-curated, it truly is the perfect solution for those looking to shake up their fitness routine, by making workouts more helpful and convenient with just a few simple clicks.

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