5 Interesting Games to Play on Discord and Zoom for Your Next ~Virtual~ Hangout

by Samantha Onglatco   |  Sep 30, 2021
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After being stuck at home for almost a year, we’ve migrated a big chunk of our social lives to virtual gatherings on Discord or Zoom. Over the last year, we’ve found ways to make our virtual hangouts more funfor example, having Powerpoint presentations for online catch-ups with our gal pals, or watching a TV show or movie with them through Teleparty or Scener. But at one point, you start running out of gimmicks to spice up the next gathering. We can only do so much when everything’s online.

Lucky for you, we thought of a gimmick that might just help make your next hangout a bit more different and interactiveonline games! Here, we list down some of our favorite online interactive games that you can play with your friends:

Online interactive games to play with friends on Zoom or Discord:


This game is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. This is the classic interactive game that is sure to bring you and your friends some giggles especially if you’re not good at drawing! Even if you are good at drawing, the time limit doesn’t really give you a lot of time to showcase your skills. It’s hilarious trying to figure out what your friend’s drawing is supposed to be especially when it’s a drawing you can barely understand. You can hop on a call with your friends while playing this so you can all experience and laugh about it together!



Want to know which of you and your friends have the best musical knowledge? Then Songlio is the game for your next hangout! Hop on a call on Zoom or Discord while playing this game to make the experience even more fun. It’s recommended that you use your headphones while playing this game to avoid feedback.

The game is fairly simple: one of you should create a room for multiplayer, invite all of your friends, then choose a category to determine the genre of the songs that will be played. A 20-second clip from the first song will start, then you can begin guessing what song is playing by typing the answer in the box below. The one to get it first garners more points, and it’s a competition to get on top of the leaderboard.


Another fun game to play that is gaining traction nowadays is Codenames! It’s a team wordplay game meant for four or more players. Hop on Discord or Zoom, then go on the website and start playing!

watch now

You’re divided into two teams, and each team has a list of words that are assigned to them. Here’s the catch: the teams don’t know which words are theirs. Each team is assigned a spymaster (sort of like a team leader) who is the only one who knows what words belong to their team. The spymaster has to speak in codes to help the team figure out which words are theirs. For example, the team’s word is “ice cream,” and the spymaster says “dessert” as the code name! Pro tip: think of a codename that can encapsulate more than one of the team’s words so you can work faster.


Here’s another game for those into roleplaying games! The game is ideally meant for four to 10 people who have to be in the same Zoom call for easier coordination. Once the round starts, each player is given a location card that is identical to the rest of the players except the spy who is given a spy card. The mechanics of the game is pretty straightforward: you have to question each other to discover who the spy is, while the spy has to figure out where everyone is located. This game can go on for quite a bit, but it sure is worth the thrill!


We’re Not Really Strangers

If you’re in a kwentuhan type of mood, then this game is perfect for you and your friends! To play this game, one person should share their screen and input all the names of the players. Afterward, select the deck you want to play with. Each player will take turns answering questions that are shown on the screen. The game will show the name of the player who will answer the prompt! The prompts are pretty interesting and will serve as a way to have more meaningful conversations with your friends, and perhaps even learn a thing or two about them! There are also wildcards that spice up the game more, so just have fun with it!


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