4 Ways To Spice Up Your Instant Noodles

Have you heard of the Kylie Jenner ramen?
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 21, 2020
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Don’t get us wrong—as a broke college student who can’t cook for our lives, instant noodles are godsent. ‘Pag walang budget, instant noodles. ‘Pag nanonood ng K-drama, instant noodles. ‘Pag bored at walang magawa, instant noodles! Bottom line is, eating instant noodles has become a normal thing for us that it’s rarely considered ~special~.

Pero ‘pag nagsasawa ka na sa usual instant noodles, there are a few ways to elevate our favorite pack of processed goodness. Below, we found various recipes that’ll make your instant noodles look like it was made by 5-star restaurants.

Instant Noodles With Cheese

If you’re the type who likes to add cheese to anything, try adding it the next time you whip up your go-to instant noodles.

Fried Pancit Canton

Pancit canton on it’s own is god-tier, but its fried version is on another level. If you’re into fried food (or are just bored, LOL), try this recipe:


Kylie Jenner Ramen

Yup, Kylie Jenner ramen became a thing, thanks to that one time she uploaded a Snapchat of her ramen meal with garlic powder, butter, and egg. Why was it named after her when she certainly isn’t the first person to garnish her noodles with said ingredients? No idea, but the end result seems SO good.

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Pancit Canton Pizza

It’s a sad time to be a pizza lover but can’t have pizza delivered straight to your doorstep. But hey, you can recreate your favorite junk food in combination with this staple instant snack. Here’s how:

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