5 Instagram Shops That Sell Digicams For That Dreamy Y2K Effect

Time to hop on to the trend.
by Kyle Ramiel Dalangin   |  Aug 12, 2023
Image: LEFT TO RIGHT: instagram.com/digicamsbynamifinds, instagram.com/islasfilmm.ph
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If you still don’t know, vintage is the ultimate ~in~ for Gen Zs! A lot of the things from the past have been resurfacing, just like what we’re seeing in the current Y2K fashion trend. Joining this club is the digital camera. Yes, you heard it right. THE digicam everyone forgot about after the HD cameras showed up. Want your photos to look vintage and have nostalgic vibes? Then, these IG shops may help you!

1. Digicamsbynamifinds

If you specifically want a digicam that screams Y2K, then this is the shop for you. Not only do they sell vintage cameras, but they come with cute little stickers and straps aesthetically placed on them! This shop is also trusted by Gen Z celebs and influencers such as TikTok content creator Andrea So and PBB Season 8 finalist Ashley Del Mundo.

2. islasfilmm.ph

When it comes to variety, this IG shop is one of the best places to go. They offer a wide range of different types of digicams you can choose from. Some also have stickers which makes the cameras a little more nostalgic and vintage in style. Fun fact: They also sell rare ones!


3. kameraclubstore

This shop sure knows how to keep their customers as they include honest details about the cameras they sell. With over 15,000 followers, they also offer a variety of cameras, may it be digital or not. They are also followed by some of our fave Gen Z artists Khalil Ramos and Miles Ocampo!

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4. filmsbycandid_

Another IG shop with a screaming Y2K aesthetic, they sell digicams with a lot of inclusions such as free stickers, straps, or pouches. As they remind their sellers to always research the camera they want to buy, they value their customers’ experience with this vintage film!

5. myinstaxdealerph

From preloved to brand new, this shop offers different digital cameras with exceptional specs. They also provide tips on how to use digicams for beginners. You may also get a free beaded strap! Andrea Brillantes is one of their satisfied customers as well. 


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