5 Reasons Why Having An Instagram Dump Account is a ~Gen Z~ Thing

by Mariel Roja   |  Feb 21, 2023
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These days, Gen Z users are pretty wrapped up in using their dump accounts to ~document~ their lives. But what are these dump accounts that have recently taken over Instagram? Why are Gen Zs more active in using it than their main accounts? Well, we’ve got the answers for you!

IG dump accounts are private alter accounts where you may express the *unfiltered* version of yourself to your closest friends. Having said that, dump accounts only have a few followers since the owner carefully selects them. Consider yourself lucky if your buddies trust you enough to give a unique glimpse into their daily lives by granting you access to their dump accounts! If you're curious why these dump accounts are so popular among Gen Z, here are the main reasons:

  1. Saving their main accounts’ aesthetic feed

Members of Gen Z are obsessed with having an aesthetic Instagram feed that represents their artistry and individuality! On the flip side of the coin, dump accounts are meant to unapologetically show your ~messy~ side. This is basically where you could post anything that might ruin your main account’s clean feed. Social media aesthetics is the top priority of some people who use dump accounts which is nothing to be ashamed about.

  1. Keeping the mystery alive

You've probably encountered Instagram accounts without a single photo, and do you know why? You guessed it right—it is because they spend the majority of their time on their dump accounts. Gen Z wants to keep their personal business a *mystery* due to the way they value privacy. Instagram has been reliable in keeping tabs on what’s going on in our lives, and it's completely normal for some users to be more cautious about who they let in.

  1. Posting as many random photo dumps as you want

Do you enjoy capturing cute cats or hilarious signage on your way home? Dump accounts allow you to upload random photo dumps without feeling the need to explain them. It is called a photo dump since these carousel posts don’t need to have any context. Even the wonderful moments you had with the important people in your life that you’d rather keep to yourself could be shared here. This is a nice way to ~appreciate~ the world around you one snap at a time.

  1. Sharing lengthy Instagram stories without fear of getting questioned

We must accept that a long series of IG stories may annoy some users. But through a dump account, you don’t have to worry anymore that someone will question your sanity for posting stories every hour or every chance you can get, LOL. One of Gen Z’s endearing qualities is their desire to store ~memories~ on their phone. With the right followers on your dump account, you are free to share every moment of your life that is worth remembering and keeping.

  1. There are zero rules

The best thing about dump accounts is that they allow Gen Z to exhibit their alter ego—a side of themselves that they *rarely* show to others. You could talk about your secret interests and guilty pleasures that not everyone understands. There are no rules for who you should be or how you should behave yourself. It stands in contrast to your main account, where you have already established a favorable idea of yourself. You could break away from that and let loose because what is life if you can’t have fun a little?

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