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For your next IG post or story!
by Bea Alamis   |  May 27, 2021
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We're sure we're not the only ones with a bunch of photos of ourselves from different occasions stocked up in our camera roll, with no one else to appreciate them but us. But hey, it's never too late to post them on your feed, accompanied by witty, funny, and relatable instagram captions.

Dirty mirror selfies, a photo of you drinking your fave coffee at your fave cafe, a selfie of you wearing and showcasing your own handcrafted accessories, and a photo of you in your school uniform (yes, we definitely miss going to school, too!). Even your no-filter selfiesWe know you've got at least one of these pics just sitting on your phone.

Instagram is obviously the go-to social media app when it comes to sharing our favorite moments with our favorite people. So whether you went to a party with your friends pre-pandemic or just thought of dressing up for an errand, it’s always a must to have at least a couple of selfies and OOTD photos to post for your IG. 


Also, this quarantine made us spend a lot of time with our family, friends, and ourselves. We probably have done a lot of Tiktok DIY self-portrait shoots just to ease down our boredom. And for whatever reason, most of us probably have our phone gallery filled with 50 percent selfies, but that’s on what? Self-love and appreciation! We love taking photos of ourselves especially when we feel good, don’t we? Shouldn’t just let those photos just sit and wait there! All you have to do is post 'em, because, TBH, we'd love to see it!

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Maybe the problem is you're a hard time thinking of captions for your next post. TBH, it's kinda hard to think of witty captions, but sometimes, you just gotta do what your mind says! So worry no more because we always got you covered! Here are some Insta captions you can use for your next selfie or even your next IG story ‘cause you gotta be feeling good with yourself as you post the best-est photo you have! 


Instagram captions for yourself, coming right up:

Instagram captions about self-love

  • Feeling amazing about myself lately ‘cause it's my szn.
  • Self-love is often equal to endless happiness.
  • Sun? I don’t know her. I’m the brightest and hottest star in this universe. 
  • Step #1: Keep flourishing, keep blooming, protect your inner peace.
  • Come what may as saying yes to new ventures and start being brave.
  • Getting out of my own way to start creating the best version of me.

Instagram captions for your vacation or beach selfie

  • She's beach-ready or whatever! 
  • Finally landed at my safe haven; a familiar feeling I haven't felt for months.
  • It’s always the sunny days that are the best days.
  • What’s up, beach? I sea ya!
  • Traveling helps thy soul to be cleansed. 
  • Ocean waves are coming - it's calling me.

Instagram captions for your post-work-out sesh selfie

  • Looking for art in progress? Well, you are lucky enough for today 'cause you're already looking at it.
  • Go at your own pace, darling.
  • Do something nice for yourself today. #SelfCare
  • Start where you are. Start when you can. Start for yourself.
  • As bare as possible; as authentic as I can be.
  • Dived in for today’s sweaty Saturday sesh! Never forget that slow progress is still progress. 

Instagram captions from song lyrics

  • “I live so I love” (Trivia: Love by BTS’ RM)
  • “Prayin’ for myself ‘cause I be all truth” (Personal by Kehlani)
  • “Acceptance is the key to be, to be truly free, will you do the same for me?" (Unconditionally by Katy Perry)
  • “And when you're tied up by the past you hold, you've got to know that you're good as gold" (Good as Gold by Greyson Chance)
  • “Oh I don't know what you've been told, but this girl right here's gonna rule the world" (Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya)
  • “Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else” (Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield)

Instagram captions for your next #OutfitOfTheDay

  • Out and about - but with social distancing!
  • Wrapped around my loungewear for today’s weather.
  • Welcome to another episode of me overusing this pair of shoes.
  • Low quality of clothes? Nah, just one fine soul with a high-quality attitude.
  • Always in a sweater whether it's still in gloomy weather. 
  • Today on self-care Sundays: iced-coffee vanilla, twinning it with my fave top and jeans! 


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