5 Apps To Download If You Need Help Writing Instagram Captions

Because sometimes an emoji just won't cut it.
by Jam Nitura for Preview.ph   |  Dec 7, 2019
Image: unsplash.com, Caption Plus
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Do you sometimes spend a good 30 minutes just trying to think of that one Instagram caption?Instead of agonizing over what to write, how about enlisting a bit of help?

Below are five phone apps to help you come up with easy but witty Instagram captions.

1. Capshun

Capshun provides you with over 50,000 captions, puns, jokes, quotes, and more. If you find them too cheesy for your liking, it's still a good place to get your own creative juices flowing. The app uses AI technology to generate the most appropriate captions for your photo based on your preferences. You'll also be given a curated list of trending hashtags to use so your post will have a greater chance at reaching a wider audience (if that's your thing!).

Plus, you can even suggest your own captions into the mix and get featured on their social media apps. Time to get recognition for all those underrated puns you've got cooking up.


Download on iOS and Android.

PHOTO BY Capshun
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2. Caption Plus

Another app similar to Capshun is Caption Plus. Boasting of a wide range of categories to choose from, the app also auto generates suggested captions and hashtags simply based on your uploaded photo. No manual searching required.

So far, Caption Plus is only available in the Google Play Store.


Download on Android.

PHOTO BY Caption Plus

3. Leetags

Stumped for hashtag ideas? Leetags is a hashtag generator built with over a million of Instagram's existing hashtags. You can explore your options from their categories and the app will then generate the number of posts existing in each hashtag to ensure you use the option with the most reach. Users may also find helpful tips and tricks to gain more likes and follows.


Download on iOS and Android.

PHOTO BY Leetags

4. Captionr

If you're looking for more caption search engine app alternatives, try out Captionr. It operates on the same idea as Capshun and Caption Plus. However, this one prompts you to search for a keyword to which it will then match with suggested captions ranging from puns, quotes, and lyrics. Keep in mind though that unlike the two aforementioned apps, Captionr lacks categories to freely browse through and doesn't allow for an option to add your own captions.


Download on iOS and Android.

PHOTO BY Captionr

5. Instant Caption

Does your photo require a brainy quote? Consider Instant Caption. Available for iOS users, it's also a wealth of captions divided by categories. However, the app takes the most pride in its library of quotes from famous personalities.

Download on iOS.

PHOTO BY Instant Caption

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