5 Important Relationship Advice We Learned from "Figure It Out With Gabbi & Khalil"

There's no room for toxicity!
by Kyle Ramiel Dalangin   |  Jun 14, 2023
Image: Instagram/gabbi
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It’s been almost two years since the last episode of “Figure It Out with Gabbi & Khalil,” but our ~kilig~ is still here! They are one of the cutest celebrity couples that are still going strong up to this date. The secret to their healthy relationship was spilled in their podcast by none other than Gabbi and Khalil themselves. Here are some of their best relationship advice:

1. Love will come at the right time.

On the very first episode of their podcast, Gabbi and Khalil shared how they first met: Khalil was the only single guy in their friend group and Gabbi was still trying to fix her past relationship. While they already clicked for the first time, they did not end up together. Both had different priorities and decided to live their own lives apart. Two years later, they talked again and the rest is history.

What Khalil and Gabbi wanted to tell us is that there’s always a right time for love. You may not be with the person you love at this moment, but if it’s right, it will come. The time when you completely embrace yourself is the right time to find the person that will not complete but complement you. 


2. Know and acknowledge your differences.

The couple also shared how they handled their differences. Both of them sit on the opposite sides of different spectrums. For example, Gabbi is an extreme extrovert; she can talk to strangers in a snap. Khalil, on the other hand, couldn’t handle talking to other people and chooses to just stay silent. This is only one of the many differences they come to find out throughout their relationship.

Yet, they also found the best way to handle it: by acknowledging their differences. Each of us is different and, as Khalil said, you can’t force your partner to think and behave the same way as you. You have to know and understand that you are distinct. After this, you’ll know how to balance each other out. Meet in the middle and learn from each other.

3. A relationship still needs effort and romance.

Admittedly, the couple said they weren’t really that romantic. They started off as friends, so they weren’t lovey-dovey as many of us think. However, Khalil made sure to still make “damoves” to Gabbi every now and then. 

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Each couple has their own way of showing their love to each other. While you may not be comfortable doing romantic stuff, always remember to still make an effort in making your partner happy!

4. There’s no room for toxicity.

Like other couples, Gabbi and Khalil also encounter problems. They also have their fights, including the BIG one which threatened their relationship. During these times, they have one rule: there’s no room for toxicity.

In the early stages of your relationship, it is normal to undergo problems that may actually make you rethink your choices. However, the couple advised to always look back on the purpose of your relationship. If you feel like your partner has red flags, do not keep it to yourself. Communicate. Let them know, call them out, and always commit. As Khalil stated, “[a] relationship is a partnership.”

5. It’s okay if you have different love languages. 


Like their personalities, Gabbi and Khalil also have different love languages. Gabbi loves seeing Khalil, and Khalil loves hearing words of affirmation. They also admitted to having problems with regard to this difference. For example, Gabbi got sad because Khalil won’t visit her. Yet, they also managed to handle this problem by acknowledging and knowing each other’s love language.

Always remember that you and your partner are not the same person. You have your own preferences and background. You may appreciate hugs from your person, and they may appreciate gifts from you. Either way, always know what they want and try to balance each other out. It’s okay if you’re different. What’s important is to know how to handle it.

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