If I Can Do It, Then Hue Can Do It, and Hue Can Do It Too!

by Daryn Agapay   |  Sep 2, 2015
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I walked into the venue of the event and was immediately bombarded with people bustling to snag copies of “Hue Can Do It!” and “Hue Can Do It Too!” and there's a good reason why. The book featured several beautiful intricate illustrations created by none other than 40 of the Philippines’ finest artists! Sure enough, it piqued my interest and I immediately fell in love with each and every one of the masterpieces and marveled at the honor of being able to color them in. How awesome is that right?

Not just that, I also had the opportunity to meet and have a quick interview with Manix Abrera, the creator of Kikomachine Komix! Here is an excerpt from our interview:

Can you tell us more about Hue Can Do It! and Hue Can Do It Too!?

"I believe that the coloring books are a great way for people to unleash their creativity and imagination and [to] also help them discover their artistic side altogether. [The books were] created by the most talented artists in the Philippines and I really think that it’s a great way to expose people to art. Instead of just having them surf through the internet or social media."



Can you tell us more about the general theme of the coloring books “no-pressure, no-judgement”? Why it is the theme of the coloring books and what is the story behind it?

"We wanted people to explore their artistic side and creativity. We wanted them to be free to do what they want to express themselves in a world with no pressure, no expectations, and no judgement. We wanted them to release their emotions in their own unique way, and do whatever that comes from the heart. I really think that that is the beauty of the theme “no pressure, no judgement”. It frees people to create their emotions into an artistic form."

How did you get into illustrating some pages both coloring books?

"I normally do silent comic strips. It was my life. Then one day I was invited by Summit Books and a couple of my artist friends to create a compilation of art for the first ever adult coloring books in the Philippines, Hue Can Do It and Hue Can Do It Too, and I loved the idea! I grew up doodling and coloring and having fun with mazes, and I think that the coloring books would be a great way for me to share what I really loved as a kid apart from silent comic strips. So, most of my artwork in both coloring books involve crazy doodles and crazy mazes."

Do you have a message for us and for all of your fans out there? Including aspiring artists and people who would pick up this coloring book for a fun and unique way of stress relieving?

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"To everyone, it is most important that you ENJOY what you do. Enjoy it. Don’t be afraid of art and expressing yourself or what other people will think of you. No matter what happens, you have to create and create. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s terrible. If you created it from the heart, then it is a masterpiece."


Don’t forget to run off to the nearest national Bookstore to snag your very own copy of the Philippines’ first ever adult coloring books Hue Can Do It! and Hue Can Do It Too! and marvel at the works of the most talented artists in the Philippines including Manix Abrera, Electrolychee, Koi Carreon, Epjey Pacheco and many more!

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