ICYDK, PGH Offers Free Psychiatric Consultation

by Mara Agner   |  Aug 28, 2017
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Early this year, we shared a post regarding UST offering free psychological services even to non-Thomasians. This month, we're happy to have found this post from Facebook user Charlene Mae Arkaina, saying that the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) offers free psychiatric consultation, too!

Not only that, she also explained in detail the process one has to go through:

1. Proceed to the building for outpatient services.

2. If it's your first time in PGH, get a blue card from the person in charge of the outpatient services.

3. You'll be asked for the purpose of the checkup, so say family medicine, for psychiatry.

4. Fill out the form then fall in line at the right side where you got the blue card. You'll be given a number in exchange of the form.

5. Once you have the number, proceed to family medicine and wait for your number to be called.

6. A doctor will ask you questions about your mental health. It's important that you share all the vital info that concerns you.

7. Wait for the blue card and diagnostic sheet then proceed to the psychiatry department where you''ll schedule your actual checkup.

8. Don't forget to bring the blue card when you come back because you'll need to leave at the window in the psychiatry department. 

Charlene reminds everyone to be as honest as possible in the consultation as it would determine what the next step would be. Read her full post below:

Visit PHG's website for more info. 


If you know any mental health services or facilities around the Philippines, please feel free to add them to the Mental Health Services Database.

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