5 Possible Career Paths for ICT Students

A bright future awaits you, ICT students!
by Chanel Ang   |  Sep 13, 2023
Image: Anna Louise Flores
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If you’re interested in website development, computer programming, or animation, the Information Communications Technology (ICT) is the first step to getting there! The ICT program is a high school course that has been offered as a potential track since 2012. Wondering about the career prospects of the field? We’ve got you! 

Keep scrolling to learn more about how you can possibly work within the ICT industry in the future. 

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst uses a wide variety of programs to collect, clean, and interpret data for clients. This information can range from different fields such as business, medicine, or government work, but what’s most important is the data analyst’s ability to create solutions using technology! If you’re an ICT student who enjoys your encoding classes, or if you just generally like dealing with data and statistics, this could be for you!

2. Software Developer

If you’ve always wanted to create a computer program for yourself or others, becoming a software developer may be your path! Software developers use code and existing computer systems to form brand new applications. As an ICT student who engages in several programming classes, your technological knowledge will become an advantage for this career! 


3. Information Technology (IT) Manager

An IT manager oversees virtual hardware and ensures they are all working properly. If you love the nitty-gritty of your IT classes or understanding system operations, this career might be of interest to you! You get to work with engineers, operators, and other practitioners to make sure computer systems are in place. 

4. Website Developer

Have you always wanted to create your own website? This is something well within reach after taking the ICT program! Within website development, you can choose to work front-end or back-end. Front-end developers enhance user experience (UX) and user interaction (UI) by using code to make the website accessible and easy to navigate! Back-end developers also utilize coding languages, but their work revolves around maintaining data storage and security.

5. Animator

ICT students gain a glimpse into the world of animation through illustration and motion tasks in class! If you’ve always wanted to bring designs to life or communicate messages through art, becoming an animator may be the perfect route for you.

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