7 Courses ICT Students Can Pursue in College

by Maxine Nava Valdez   |  Mar 7, 2023
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The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strand is a great senior high school track  for you to develop computer literacy. Students who graduate from this strand are supplied with sufficient knowledge about the fast-paced world of technology and a deep engagement with its systems.

If you’re an ICT student and you plan to pursue higher education, consider taking these courses in college to ensure your tech skills rise to another level of competency:

  • Computer Science

If you’re into problem-solving and logical thinking, you might want to consider taking up Computer Science in college. Studying this course also broadens your  post-grad career options because the skills you’ll learn will fit numerous jobs, such as being a computer programmer,  a software developer, and an information security analyst. FYI, the University of the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas, and Ateneo de Manila University are some of the best computer science schools in the country. 

  • Information Technology

ICT is a good prerequisite strand for pursuing a degree in Information Technology because you’ll be able to gain expertise in modifying and strengthening technology infrastructures. With its Level IV PACUCOA accreditation for its IT programs, two of the best colleges that offer this course are  AMA University and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Computer programmer and web developer are also two possible careers you can try for with a degree in Information Technology.

  • Information Systems

While studying Information Systems, you’ll master how to collect, analyze, and process data. Once you’re an expert, you can pursue a career working for companies to ensure their systems are functioning efficiently and safely. Simply put, it’s about protecting their privacy and security. The University of Santo Tomas is considered one of the best schools that specialize in  this course with the program having a Level II PAASCU accreditation and a CHED Center of Development designation.


  • Cybersecurity

Since technology advances every day, there’s no surprise that people use it for their negative agendas, which we call cybercrime. With the increase in cyberattacks, there’s also a need to grow the number of professionals who can help maintain cyberspace secured and safe for everyone. With this in mind, Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Father of IT Education in the Philippines and founder of AMA University, pioneered cybersecurity as a college program in the country. Schools offering this course are AMA University and De La Salle - College of St. Benilde.

  • Data Science

Studying Data Science will help you master how to analyze and manage data. You can use these skills to get a job in companies, businesses, and organizations that need guidance when it comes to adapting the newest trends, developing marketing strategies,  improving investment processes, and more. Your expertise will help these corporations make sense of huge chunks of information and use it to make sound data-based decisions. One of the best colleges to earn a degree in Data Science is Mapúa University where you’ll have acesss to topnotch data analytics platforms and tools such as Cloudera and Python. Data analyst, statistician, data engineer, database developer, business analyst, researcher are only a few of the careers you can aim for with this degree.

  • Esports

The Lyceum of the Philippines University previously partnered with Tier One Entertainment, a South East Asian esports and gaming talent agency, to provide the country’s first esports program in the collegiate level. You can choose two specializations for this degree, Esports Management, and Game Design and Development. You’ll be able to earn an additional diploma for Associate in Computer Technology with this course too! With a degree in esports, you can land carrers like being an esports agent, a partnership manager, a marketing executive, and a professional esports player.

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  • Entertainment and Multimedia Computing

If you’re looking for a more exciting way to integrate computing in your life, this course is the best for you. In studying Entertainment and Multimedia Computing, you’ll be able to learn about technological concepts and techniques that produce cutting-edge solutions and innovations in the fields of science, advertising, entertainment, and more! A game developer, a game producer, a creative programmer, a graphics artist, technical director are some of the jobs you can go for with a degree in EMC. Basically, you might make the next viral video game out there! CIIT Philippines, University of the East, Jose Rizal University, Mapúa University, and Our Lady of Fatima University are some of the universities in the country that offer this course. These courses will help you achieve a career  in the field of technology. You might even end up contributing significant technological innovations to other fields like research and healthcare! 


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