How You Should Be Spending Your Money in Your 20s, According to a Financial YouTuber

by Mylene Mendoza   |  May 10, 2021
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Entering your twenties means assuming all sorts of responsibilities, one of which is financial independence. When you start to make money for yourself, it can feel exciting to be able to decide where your money goes and what you spend on using it. While it's fun and liberating to finally support yourself and all your luho in life, being smart with your money at a young age is something you won't regret in the future.

And when you want to learn something where do you go? YouTube, of course. Charmaine De Leon of YouTube channel Ready2AdultPH shared a few smart money tips for people in their twenties and, in the age of online shopping and budol hauls, it’s something even college students can learn from when it comes to handling their own finances.

Here are a few things we learned from Ready2AdultPH about spending money wisely in your twenties:

Allot a budget for everything.

One of the things mentioned was to have several bank accounts dedicated to different things such as your savings and your expenses, like travel or shopping. While college students may not need to have so many savings accounts just yet, the thought of allocating a certain amount of your budget to the different expenses you make every day is something worth emulating as early as now.

If you still receive your allowance or if you make extra money with your side hustles, don’t just dedicate it to one thing. Divide it so that it covers your expenses such as your phone bill or your skincare essentials, and make sure that you still have enough to put away as savings. 


Put away money for your savings, no matter how small.

Another important tip was to build an emergency fund as early as you can in case something happens. Because college students don’t really have a constant stream of income especially now that the pandemic has put a hold on most students' allowances, an emergency fund may not be plausible at the moment.

The sentiment, however, is something even college students can try out. Start small by putting away a certain portion of your money for future use. Make sure it’s something you won’t be able to touch in case you get tempted to spend. Something as little as 20 pesos each day can build up to a considerable amount one day.

"Live below your means."

There is a famous saying that goes "live within your means" which is often something advised to people when it comes to money. Charmaine, however, tweaks this adage by instead advising for people to live below their means.

When you live within your means, you are using up all your money to support your everyday lifestyle without making sure that you still have something extra left. By living below your means, you are spending only on the essentials without using up all your money in one go. At times like this, treating yourself every now and then helps, but if you can stick to only the necessary expenses and put a hold on impulse buys, then it can help you save more money to spend in the future.

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