How to Talk to Parents Who Want You to Take a Course You *Don’t* Like

by Leika Golez   |  Feb 12, 2022
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Choosing a college course is difficult, but even more so when you don’t have your parents’ support. Here’s a hot take: You deserve to choose the course you want to study. It’s true that we should be grateful for our parents, but this is your future after all. Of course, trying to talk them out of it is easier said than done. Maybe you’ve even tried bringing it up already, but they turned you down without even listening to your side. 

Whatever you’re going through, we totally get it. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind while discussing the subject with your parents:

Ask them why they want you to take that course. 

Remember: The key to a good argument is understanding the root problem. Before you start sharing your views, you should first let your parents explain why they want you to study that course in the first place. Likewise, you can also ask them to spell out why they’re so against the course you’re passionate about. Try to restrain your emotions for now—just focus on actively listening with an open mind. List down all their points so you address them again in a future conversation. 

Show them what you plan to do with your course. 

Most likely, your parents disapprove of your passion because they’re under the impression that you’re only thinking impulsively. That’s why you should demonstrate to them that you’ve already thought about what you plan to do with your course in the future. Start by revisiting the reasons behind their dissent, then come up with realistic solutions that address those issues. For example, if they’re worried about financial stability, look up the typical salary range in your dream industry and compare that to your projected monthly expenses. If they’re worried about the industry’s lack of jobs, prepare a long list of potential companies you’d like to join after graduation. Bottomline: Identify what they’re worried about and address those issues accordingly. 


Find similarities between the two courses in question. 

We know it seems counterintuitive, but hear us out! By identifying the similarities between your choice and theirs, you can find some common ground to base your arguments on. Ask yourself if there are ways to achieve their goals for you even if you end up pursuing your passion. Afterwards, reassure them that the expected outcome of your chosen course is close to the future they envision for you.  

Consider taking an interdisciplinary course or a double degree program. 

Studying an interdisciplinary course will give you the opportunity to explore different fields in a holistic and well-rounded way. Meanwhile, taking two degrees is a clear-cut compromise. If they still disagree, think about possible organizations, internships, extracurriculars, and electives that allow you explore your passion outside your major. It’s a balancing act, but pursuing your dream always comes with its own challenges. 

Be persistent. 

If you’re extra sure that this is what you want, don’t hesitate to make it clear. Tell them that you’ve been thinking about this decision for days on end, and it’s simply your way of taking responsibility for your future. And before you start feeling guilty, remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with going for what truly makes you happy. 

Whatever your final decision may be, make sure you’re choosing yourself. Remember: You deserve to dream big! 


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