How To Survive An Oops! Moment

Here's our strategy when it comes to embarrassing sitches!
  |  Apr 30, 2013
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marla.jpg I don't. JK! I've always been good at making fun of myself, which is necessary for someone who's had too many Oops moments to count. —Marla, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg Don't make a big deal out of it, just pretend that nothing happened. :) —Steph, Art Director
angel.jpg Just laugh it off! Forget about what other people think of you and don't take yourself too seriously. :) —Angel, Features Editor
By laughing at yourself. It's good not to take yourself too seriously. —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor
jed.jpg Just don't think about it too much. Chances are, other people won't really be preoccupied about it as much as you'd expect them to. —Jed, Fashion and Beauty Assistant
dyan.jpg I just laugh and brush it off, maybe make a joke about it. I thank my genes for not giving me the ability to blush. Haha! —Dyan, Assistant Entertainment Editor
macy.jpg Don't stress about it! The more you obsess over your silly slip-up, the more people will notice and you'll just get embarrassed! —Macy, Web Managing Editor
erin.jpg Since Oops moments are a regular for me, I get through each and every one by laughing it off! Taking things too seriously will just get you down. —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant


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