6 Easy Tips That Will Help You Stay *Awake* During Your Classes

by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  4 days ago
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Admit it, there can be times when you feel sleepy during a lecture. We’ve all been there. Staying awake during class isn’t easy, especially if you’re always on the go and have a lot of responsibilities such as family, social life, and your ever-growing org list. But you don’t always have to fight the urge to drift off to sleep in school. We’ve prepared six tips for you on staying awake during classes—read on to learn more:

LIST: Tips to Help You Stay Awake During Your Classes

1. Engage in the class

Try interacting with your professor or your classmates! You can recite, ask questions, and add some information you know to the discussion. Additionally, you can share your learnings with your peers so that all of you can stay *active* mentally and perhaps pick up something new in your class. This is better than staring at the blackboard or daydreaming so you won’t drift off to sleep. 

2. Eat some candy or a snack

If your professor allows it, you can eat some candy, a snack, or chew gum during lectures. Any peppermint-flavored drink or candy works best to keep you alert and concentrate better. Though if you consume any ~favorite~ snack of yours that has a bit of sugar in it, studies show that not only you will get a boost of energy but you’ll also get a better mood in concentrating. That’s definitely a win! For chewing gum, while some flavors may have the same effect as peppermint, chewing gum can help you release any tension and let you ~*relax*~ when you’re feeling nervous in class. 


3. Drink cold water

Keep yourself refreshed by having some water by your side. Every time you feel like you’re zoning out of class, you should drink some H2O. Cold water does the trick to keep you hydrated and focused because of that ~chill~ in every sip. Plus, if you don’t drink enough water daily, your body won’t function as well as you’d expect so make sure you’re hydrated at all times too!

4. Take notes or doodle

Instead of just listening to your class lectures, you can take notes of key terms or doodle objects related to the lesson. This can be bullet point summaries of theories you’re learning in your Social Studies class to drawing bodily organs for your Human Biology class.  By doing this, you’ll be able to keep your mind busy and avoid feeling too relaxed. Plus, you’ll automatically have a reviewer that’ll help you during exams. Totally productive, right?

5. Sit up straight

With a good posture, you’re less likely to feel tired during class. Avoid resting your head on your table or slouching because that will make your body become more relaxed. Maintaining a good posture will also help you prevent back pains in the long run. If you’re feeling tired, you can always stretch every now and then to keep your body fit.

6. Nap in-between classes

Did you come to school after pulling an all-nighter? Try to catch up on your sleep by taking power naps in between classes. If you have 30-minute to hour-long breaks, you can nap for at least 15 minutes to replenish your energy. Just make sure you set an alarm or have a friend of yours wake you up afterward so that you won’t miss your next class. 

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