How To Rock Your Staycation

Stuck at home for vacation? Don't let summer be a bummer and check out these staycation ideas!
by Jona Fernandez   |  Apr 30, 2013
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Starting to get a cabin fever? Don't fret! Master the art of boredom and tick off these items from our list. Sit back and relax with the people you’re closest with and turn your summer break into the best staycation!

With your pesky little sister and obnoxious kuya a.k.a. your lifetime partners-in-crime:

  1. Earn some extra moolah this summer by putting up a food stall in front of your house. Be a sure sell-out with a halo-halo stand!
  2. Make your mom proud by putting your teamwork to test through general cleaning.
  3. Turn your backyard into a campsite. All you need is a tent, some sleeping bags, sandwiches packed in Ziploc bags and voila— a makeshift camp-out with your siblings! (A bonfire may not be a good idea.)

With your good ol' folks:

  1. Host your weekend clan dinners by throwing a barbeque party with your mom and dad. Make sure to invite all your titos, titas and cousins to this potluck!
  2. Bond over a “common interest” with your parents—answer the daily crossword puzzle with your dad and water the orchids with your mom. P.S. At least try to look like you’re having fun.
  3. Ask your dad to bring out his tool box because you’re in for a mini Extreme Makeover! Get DIY home décor ideas from Pinterest and bring out the handy woman in you.

With your knight in shining armor.

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  1. Ditch the movie dates for a lazy afternoon with your guy. Ask your boyfriend to just come over (with your parents’ permission, of course) and bring some DVDs and popcorn.
  2. Who says you have to spend a fortune for a romantic dinner? Relive your favourite chick flick and plan a candlelight balcony dinner.
  3. It’s time to commune with nature and whiff some fresh air! Bring out those old bikes from the dusty garage for a corny bike marathon around your village.

With your BFFs:

  1. No more allowance left for that barkada beach trip? Do a closet inventory and take your ratty old clothes, bags and shoes. Organize a rummage sale in your village with your friends and raise a good amount for a BFF blow-out!
  2. Turn your living room into a yoga studio. You will just need mats and instructional videos to set this up. You may also try aerobic dance, pilates or zumba. Perfect exercises for that beach outing, don’t you think?
  3. Forget Face Time and Skype and call your friends using the landline! It’s how kids did it in the old days—telebabad until the wee hours of the morning.

By yourself:

  1. Update your book list and indulge on a reading binge. Search for some interesting reads you can finish in one sitting.
  2. Learn something new. You don’t have to attend baking classes to learn how to make those scrumptious red velvet cupcakes. Just Google it and experiment!
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