The Shy Girl's Guide to Asking a Guy to Prom

by Leika Golez   |  Mar 28, 2023
Art: Pau Moyano
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Let’s do away with the age-old notion that only guys can make the first move in relationships. In case you haven’t noticed, lots of girls are now taking the initiative to ask their crushes to prom instead of simply waiting around. Although we’re all for that girl power, we do acknowledge that talking to your potential prom date can be intimidating if you’re a shy girl. It’s not completely impossible with a little confidence boost, though! 

To help reassure you, we’ve listed down seven tips to keep in mind before asking a guy to prom: 

  1. Do your research and plan ahead.

Before you start planning the deets of your promposal, ask around to make sure that your prospective prom date isn’t already going with someone else. You can also try to learn more about his interests while you’re at it so you’re not completely clueless about how to approach him later on. 

  1. Ask them out on a casual date first.

If you’re not that close to your prospective prom date, ask him out on a casual date first so your promposal (and actual prom night!) won’t feel awkward. Keep it fuss-free with a midday study sesh or a double date with your barkada

  1. Go for something simple. 

While it’s tempting to go all out with an ultra-elaborate promposal, we suggest sticking to a simple yet meaningful plan. Consider everything you know about him and devise a promposal based on his current interests and hobbies. That way, you can show your future prom date that you’re genuinely interested in him without spending your whole allowance and overthinking logistics. 

  1. Practice what you want to say.

It's normal to clam up and stutter during your promposal. To keep those nerves at bay, list down everything you want to tell your future prom date and practice saying it in front of the mirror. You'll most likely stray away from your script come D-day, but at least you'll have a general idea of how things will go. 

  1. Bring your friends along. 

Self-explanatory. You'll need them for moral support! 

  1. Be upfront. 

Let's face it: Boys can be kind of dense when it comes to indirect signals, LOL. That said, it's better to just say what you want outright and make your intentions extra clear. As intimidating as it may seem at first, it'll prevent confusion and miscommunications down the road! 

  1. Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. 

It's important to mentally prepare yourself for rejection on the off chance that things go awry and he says no. The worst case scenario probably won't happen, but don't beat yourself up if ever you end up going stag instead. You should be proud of yourself for mustering up the courage to prompose, regardless of whether or not he accepts. 

Besides, enjoying prom is the most important thing at the end of the day. It's your special night, after all, so own it and don't back out! Best of luck out there!  


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