7 *Actually Helpful* Tips To Help You Prepare for Entrance Exams

by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  Jan 23, 2023
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So… you’ve finished your application and confirmed your test schedule, now what? It’s daunting to know that you have an entrance exam coming up yet you have no idea how to prepare for it. Since you’re already juggling academics, organizations, and your social life, getting yourself ready for the entrance test is yet another responsibility to add to the list. You definitely wanna make the time you spent applying worth it by doing your very best in the exam.

Don’t fret as we bring you seven tips that’ll help you in preparing for entrance exams:

1. Know the coverage

In most schools, entrance exams have tests for English, Math, and Abstract Reasoning. However, there are a few that include Science and an essay-writing portion. There are also college programs that have specialized tests for other skills too such as drawing tests for art-related courses and talent tests for performance-related degrees. It’s important to know what your entrance exam will cover so you’re aware of the subjects you need to prepare for. With that, don’t be afraid to ask the school’s admissions office about possible exam topics!


2. Work on your weaknesses and strengths

Now that you know your exam coverage, you can actually get to studying. Try to focus on subjects you’re not good at like Math and its particular sub-topics like Geometry and Algebra. That way, you can set aside time to improve your skills on your weaknesses. But don’t forget to review other lessons so that you’re ready for the exam questions that’ll be thrown at you.

3. Make a reviewer

Reviewers don’t have to be intricate and contain all the lessons written down. It’s good to at least have reviewers that summarize essential concepts and *important* formulas you may need to remember for the exams such as Physics formulas and grammar rules. You could write them down on a notepad, or journal, or type them on your laptop. That way, you can review on the go and retain the topics you’ve studied.

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4. Take mock exams

I get it. You’re already worried about the actual exam and now you have to take practice tests. It’s dreadful, right? But the point of mock exams is that they simulate the experience of actually taking an entrance exam—you’ll be more prepared that way. If you don’t know where to look, some apps like Zookal have practice quizzes you can take and you can time yourself while taking them. Additionally, you can find mock exams online with just a quick Google search. This will certainly help you in relieving your worries about what to expect in actual tests.

5. Avoid cramming near the exam date

Yes, we’re all guilty of cramming because we believe that the pressure of a due date lets us work harder. As tempting as it is, you shouldn’t cram near entrance exam dates because you’ll be too overloaded with studying multiple subjects and a lot of sub-topics which can tire you even more. Cramming even puts you at risk of easily forgetting certain concepts since you’re so overwhelmed with remembering other lessons.


6. Ready your exam materials and documents

You may have studied, reviewed, taken mock exams, and paced yourself. But have you printed your test permit ahead of time? Did you even sharpen your pencils? Perhaps not yet, but that doesn’t mean you should procrastinate on those tasks. Packing your exam materials and having your important documents ready will definitely make the exam day go by more smoothly. You wouldn’t want to be worrying about rescheduling an exam and not being allowed to enter the testing room just because you left your test permit at home. So make sure that you have your exam materials and documents packed up and ready to go!

7. Avoid pressuring yourself

Lastly, don’t pressure yourself too much! When studying, make sure to take breaks and still allocate time to your other responsibilities. Plus, when you’re actually taking the entrance exams, you should prioritize the questions you know you can answer and get back to difficult items later on. Remembering to not pressure yourself will save you a lot of time and keep your mind from panicking.


Entrance exam results won’t dictate your worth as a person. Not passing doesn’t mean you don’t have a future. But perhaps it means there’s something better meant for you like a different school or degree program. Just cherish the experience of the process and have fun!


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