How to *Actually* Manifest Your Dream Life, According to a Fellow Gen Z Student

Your dream life is closer than you think.
by Chanel Ang   |  Jun 13, 2023
Art: Anna Louise Flores
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Fact: The viral ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ is just a modern take on the law of attraction. Basically, the idea suggests  that you will attract luck to your life if you merely believe that you’re lucky from the get go. If there is anything that the TikTok-famous phenomenon has taught us, it is that your dream life can come true! It sounds far-fetched at first, but there are times when changing your life really starts with your mindset. 

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Here’s how to start manifesting your dream life, from a fellow Gen Z student who loves to dream big!

1. Make a list of *specific* goals you want to achieve

First, you have to describe *what* your dream life is. What do you want it to look like, and when would you ideally want it? What parts of your life do you want to change? 


You have to be specific here. Don’t just say that you want to be successful; imagine what that success looks like, and be precise! Does it mean a new internship at a company? What company do you want to work for? Is it academic success? What grade are you aiming for?Having a clear picture in mind will help a lot with the next step!

2. Create a vision board

After having the specifics, you can start visually manifesting! A vision board is a visual representation of what particular things you want in your dream life. It can be a physical collage hung up on your wall or a collection of pictures on your Pinterest. Either way, visually seeing your dreams on the board is what’s most important!

You can also put positive affirmations or quotes on your vision board. Life can get really stressful and de-motivating, so your vision board also serves as a reminder that things will work out in the end!Feel free to make it your wallpaper, too! 

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3. Make a to-do list

Manifesting is not complete without concrete action! For your specific goals, you can break down your year or chosen timeline into smaller periods. From there, you can list down actionable steps to get to where you want to be!

For example, if you want an internship at Candy Magazine, look into when applications are open. Once the guidelines are released, list down all your requirements and break them down! Maybe that evening, you will start with the outline of your pitches or brainstorm topics. The next day can be spent churning out your first pitches!

The point here is that you need to start slowly but surely. You have an idea of what you want, and you will do what you need to get there! 

4. Reward your progress

It is important to recognize when you work toward your goals! Reaching your dreams involves lessening burnout, so remember to reward yourself for each goal you reach! This can be in the form of buying a new book or treating yourself to a cup of your favorite coffee. Whatever it is, remember that you are doing a great job, and you can only go up from here!


At the end of the day, attaining your dream life entails combining mindset and work ethic. You have to work hard, but be kind to yourself when needed. Everything is part of the process! Regardless of where you are right now, we promise you that your dream life is closer than you think.

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