How to Makeover Your Instagram Feed Like Cool Girls Do

Here are a few more lessons we learned from the #CandyWeekendWorkshop!
How to Makeover Your Instagram Feed Like Cool Girls Do

Taking the best selfies starting from a solid beauty routine and creating flat lays like a pro—these are the key things that Candy Girls learned in the first #CandyWeekendWorkshop. Models Akiko Abad and Kaila Estrada shared a few tips and hacks with all the girls at the workshop—definitely helpful for when you’re planning an Instagram feed makeover.

Always give it a splash of color.

When you’re working with a blank canvas (be it a white wall or a flat surface), you need to be creative with your color palette. For instance, let’s say you want to show off your latest beauty haul—perhaps you just can’t wait to share how excited you are to try the Belo Intensive Whitening bar and cream. Like what the Candy Girls did in the workshop, throw in a few other hues and elements in your flat lay to make it true eye candy, such as your other essentials for a beauty or pampering sesh. If there’s one thing virtually all your followers would double tap, it’s a photo with a pleasing pop of color.

Watch this video to see how Akiko does it:

You don’t always have to be picture perfect.

While you do have to compose your images well, you can’t strictly stick to formulas like your go-to OOTD poses and expressions when snapping a photo. Sure, “edgy” is just how so many models and bloggers do it, but whenever you feel like it, don’t stop yourself from going the fun, hilarious, or comical route. Just keep experimenting with props, poses, and faces, so your IG feed reflects your personality more.

Keep an eye out for hip hangouts.

Aside from chilling and coffee breaks, cute cafes like Costa Coffee are perfect settings for your IG posts, too. Take an OOTD, craft your flat lay with your dessert and coffee, or simply take that moody selfie that shows off your perfectly lined brows so well. You’ll see how much more insta-hearts you’ll gain than before!

When in doubt, make it a #squad thing.

Anything can be ten times better with friends, and aside from helping each other take the best photos for IG (we all have that friend who’s happy to take our OOTDs for us!), your squad can be the best judge when you don’t know how to make your snaps better. They can help you pick the best shot out of the series of photos you took and point out what makes it stand out above the rest. Did you look so much cuter when you flashed a grin compared to your fish gape selfie? Should you crop or filter your flat lay another way? That’s the best thing about true friends: they’ll be honest.

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