How to Make Your USB Theft-Proof

Try this practical 2 in 1 DIY. It's so easy to do!
by Pam Carlota   |  Sep 15, 2017
Image: Riell Santos & Bianca Laxamana
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Don’t you hate it when your trusty USB gets lost? Then you find someone else using the exact same one, but you don’t have any proof that it’s yours. Try your hand at this DIY and make an incognito eraser out of your flash drive. The fun part is, you could make it super personalized that no one would ever suspect a thing!

We've listed a guide to make sure that you don't miss a step and help you follow along with the video!

  1. Remove the USB from its case.

Some flash drives are harder to crack open than others, so be careful if you're using sharp objects!

  1. Align the USB with the eraser and make a mark to know where you will be cutting the body and the cap of the USB.

Use a pencil to mark with. Don't worry because you can rub the surface clean once you get the end product. 

  1. Cut the eraser in half. Do it crosswise, then lengthwise.

You can first cut the eraser into two equal parts lengthwise. Then cut crosswise to where you marked the body and cap from the previous step.

  1. Trace around the USB in the middle part of the eraser. This will serve as your guideline in knowing which part to hollow out.

This will serve as your guide lines to know which part to hollow out for the next step.

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  1. Follow the guidelines and hollow out your eraser.

Try to make many sections for cutting and hollow it out.

  1. Place the USB inside your hollowed eraser.

Make sure the USB fits when you put the eraser back together. If you think there are still bumps that won't let the eraser close, hollow it out some more 'til it fits.

  1. Super glue all sides to close your eraser.

Be careful not to glue your fingers together, tho. Trust us, it's hard—and painful—to get rid of.

  1. Place a heavy object and wait for a couple of minutes to seal the glue.

This is the best time to get some coffee or something to eat.

  1. Place the original cardboard packaging that came with your eraser. 

This makes it more incognito!

  1. Now, you're ready to save your files!

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