The Introverted Freshman's Guide to Making New Friends in College

by Malcolm Angoya   |  Mar 24, 2023
Image: Pexels Art: Bacs Arcebal
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In college, you’ll meet different kinds of people with different backgrounds, personalities, and interests. It’s a new place with literally thousands of people you’ve never met before, so it’s the *perfect* opportunity to make new friends. But for  introverts and shy ones, it may be difficult to socialize and approach strangers. If you find it difficult to approach other people, here are a few tips on how to meet new people during your freshman year.

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8 Tips To Make New Friends as a College Freshman

  • Make the first move.

Making friends in college can seem intimidating at first, but remember that many freshman students are new and probably just as shy as you. They also want to make friends so they will appreciate it if you reach out first. Shake off your nervous jitters and strike up that conversation.

  • Join school organizations.

Most colleges have organizations for just about everything. Find one that suits your interests and interact with  your fellow orgmates, so you can easily build your group of friends. Additionally, it’s a great way to meet your college ates and kuyas!

  • Form a study group.

Whether you need a little extra help in class or just prefer learning with friends, a study group can help you get to know people in your classes better. Walk up to your classmates after your lecture and invite them to work on your assignments together. You never know when your study group can turn into a long-lasting friendship!


  • Study less in your room.

If you need total silence when you’re writing an important paper, by all means, lock yourself away. But if you’re working on something smaller and less focus-oriented, try working in the library or student centers. This is a great way to meet new people, especially if you consider someone’s study habits as an important factor in your friendship!

  • Attend campus events.

Campus-wide events are great for bringing students together! These events are usually shared online, promoted by school organizations, or posted on student boards. It will help you find potential friends, discover new interests, and experience what college life has to offer.

  • Keep an open mind.

Just because someone doesn't obsess over your favorite K-pop group the way you do, doesn't mean you can’t be friends at all. Keep an open mind when it comes to meeting new people because it’s a good opportunity for you to find new interests. How else are you supposed to hear about new music, trendy makeup products, and viral TikTok videos?

  • Get involved in online groups.

Many universities start Facebook groups to connect incoming students like you. So before the semester even starts, reach out to your fellow students online. That way, when you do arrive on campus, you’re sure to find a few familiar faces to help ease the transition.

  • Be yourself.

You may think that you need to act a certain way for others to like you, but in reality, most people treasure authenticity more than anything else. If someone doesn't like you for who you truly are, they aren’t worth your time anyway! Trust us—you’ll have way more fun in college with friends you can be yourself around.

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