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by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 12, 2016
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Are you starting your own business and are looking into social media to increase people's awareness on your brand? Or do you want your social media accounts to reflect your passion and use it as part of your resume or CV someday? Ask anyone and they'll probably tell you to tidy up your Instagram, which has been the go-to account for brands these days. IG has surely changed the game for people and even for businesses! The photo and video-sharing app has encouraged everyone who's working for a brand to build their following, encouraging followers to comment on their posts, tag their friends, and hit the like button. But how do you exactly increase your following? Do you have to pay for them? Not all the time.

When Teen Vogue published a how-to on growing your number of followers recently, we thought we should share the message with you and do a little bit of researching, too. This time, we also looked into suggestions from Hootsuite, a platform used by people to manage their social media accounts, on this topic. Below, some insight we got from our ~*research*~. Hope this helps, Candy Girls!


1. Make use of hashtags.

Hashtags increase your visibility and discover-ability on IG. But don't abuse hashtags also and start include a huge block of hashtags on your posts. #ANNOYING, guys. Make sure that they are still relevant to your post and your viewers, are specific, and aren't too long or too witty that it doesn't make sense anymore.

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2. Join a community.

Connect with people who have the same passions. Whether your an Instagram seller or a videographer who's starting out, we're sure that there's a small community for you to join in. Make friends, build your contacts, and if you can, collaborate and work with them. This will increase your work's exposure on the app.

3. Collage your photos.

According to TeenVogue, "collages on Instagram get 20% more likes and 25% more comments." It's about time you make use of free photo collage apps like Layout and PicCollage, Candy Girls. 

4. Interact with people.


As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Interact with people who comment on your posts. Thank them for their helpful comments. Follow those who follow you. Like other people's photos and videos whether you follow them or not. According to social media guru Neil Patel, he got 6.1 new followers for every 100 photos he liked on the app. Start making use of the like button now, you guys!

Know more tips on how we can boost our Instagram followers? Leave a comment below or share your tips with us on Twitter by tweeting us @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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