How To Deal With Toxic Relatives You Can't Avoid

by Stephanie Shi, Ysabel Y. Yuzon   |  Dec 31, 2019
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Going to multiple family and barkada get-togethers can be draining for anyone, especially when you yourself are going through some internal musings and don't have full answers to seemingly harmless questions like what your plans are for 2020, what happened to that hobby of yours, or if you've made any new friends in college yet. But while social anxiety is one thing, toxic relatives is another. Unfortunately, some families have a few members with no boundaries, and who truly have negative impacts on our self-esteem and emotional well-being.

You may not have the power to cut them off just yet, but you do have the power over your words and actions. Try using humor to lighten the mood or deliver a clever remark. The safer route would be to stay silent or change the subject.

While an open and honest conversation is always good (and might be worth a shot given the situation), don’t expect your relatives to suddenly change—that’s up to them. The most you can do is to emotionally detach yourself, be as civil as possible (they’re still people), and avoid letting them bring out the worst in you (no one is worth it).


And just in case you need a reminder:

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Dear Tita, Hindi Pa Po Ako Ga-graduate This Year

"But, tita, please know that I'm trying my best and continually striving to achieve my goals."

From “Oh, TYG its the holidays,” to “Oh no, it’s the holidays,” real quick! Along with the cheerful greetings, relaxing ambiance, and jolly crowds comes a pinch of tension between you and your relatives when the topic of school—particularly graduation—has been dug up from the peaceful corner of everyone's minds. And all that holiday spirit of yours will be replaced, once again, by pressure. Now every year, instead of thinking about how much aguinaldo you can get from your titas and titos, the only thing on your mind is the fear of having to answer when they ask you about graduation or future plans. Talk about a relaxing bakasyon, eh?

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Not too comfy chatting with relatives? that's perfectly normal (and more common than you think)You can also change the subject by opting to play games instead!


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