Here's How You Can Earn Money as a Student UGC Creator

Follower count is not a significant factor, and you also don't have to show your face!
by Chanel Ang   |  May 31, 2023
Image: Pexels Art: Shannen Gardon
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While on your TikTok For You page, it is inevitable to stumble across a video showcasing a new crop top or a lipstick swatch. You might have mistaken this for influencer content, but it’s most probably just User-Generated Content (UGC)!  

ICYDK, UGC creators advertise products or services through videos, photos, and reviews on social media without the need for voice-over or showing your face. You only need to spotlight brands and make content for them, so for most companies, follower count is not a significant factor. This genre of content has always existed since the social media boom, but it became popularized on TikTok and Instagram. 

If you want to start your UGC journey and earn additional income, here are the five most important steps to follow!

1. Identify your niche

There are two things to consider when determining your niche. The first is the subject of your content. Is it beauty and skincare? Is it food and beverage? Is it fashion and lifestyle?


Once you decide on that, you must select which platform you will be posting content on. The platform also determines the parameters of your content! For example, Instagram can include photos and reels with music, while the TikTok generally favors videos featuring voiceovers.

2. Create your set-up

After choosing your niche, you can start making content! You may not have a brand partner to work with yet, but you can prepare your set-up for sample content. Set a place where you will film or take pictures, be it your bedside desk or in your garden!

In picking your set-up, consider a place with natural lighting. Consider as well how you will film—do you have a camera you can use, or will you stick to your phone? Do you need a tripod? Do you need props like cloth for the background? 

Every UGC creator has a different way of setting up and filming, so just pick what you feel is best for you! From there, you can start shooting sample content with products you have at home. Having samples and a set-up will allow you to make your portfolio!

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3. Build your portfolio

When you’ve completed a few sample content photos or videos, combine them into a PDF portfolio to send to brands! You can upload your photos and videos into a Canva template or create a slides deck and hyperlink them.

4. Reach out to brands

Now it’s time to pitch yourself and your skills! Start emailing brands with your portfolio and a spiel on why they should work with you. As you pitch, remember to put the price of your packages as a UGC creator. Aside from the content you’ve made, also indicate what skills and assets you can provide! Don’t forget to add your contact information too, so they can get back to you.

FYI, you shouldn’t stop yourself from reaching out to bigger brands. You never know—you might just be the one they are looking for! And even otherwise, it does not hurt to try. Email as many brands as you want, and you are bound to get some projects!


5. Keep the *quality* content coming

The key to making it big in UGC is consistently making good-quality content. Take on projects that you are passionate about, and the great content will follow! Other brands will begin to reach out to you, too, once they see the passion and effort you put into content creation!

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