How Much Do You Love Your Body?

Are you comfortable in the skin you're in? Take this quiz to find Miao Ramos
  |  Mar 27, 2010
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Your sister tells you that since you've been working so hard at the gym, she will buy you a new bikini for the summer along with the dress for prom. How does this make you feel?
You are horrified. You would never wear a bikini! It’s too revealing and it will show everyone just how out of shape you really are.
You are absolutely ecstatic! You start to look at the latest trends in formal dresses and bikinis online.
The news motivates you and makes you want to go to the gym more often.
It's finally the day of the prom! Your crush is sitting in your living room, waiting for you to come down. What do you do?
You hesitate to go down but your mom convinces you to and you smile when you see your date waiting for you at the bottom of the staircase.
You refuse to go down and make your date wait almost an hour!
You remain confident and calm, and walk down the stairs as elegantly as ever.
After a few weeks of going to the gym, your best friend compliments you during P.E. class. "Your legs look great! Have you been working out?" What do you say?
"Are you kidding me? I look so fat in this P.E. uniform."
"Don't they look great? I've been buying all shorts and miniskirts to show them off!"
"Thanks! It's good that they're noticeable; that way no one will think to look at my flabby arms."
On the way home, your mom suggests that you try going to the gym with your older sister and offers to pay for a gym membership. How do you react?
You thank her for offering a gym membership and say that you will think about it. It can't hurt to improve on what's already near-perfect!
You agree that you need exercise badly, but tell your mom that you would rather work out alone. You’re too self-conscious and would never wear exercise clothes and get all sweaty and ugly in front of other people.
You grudgingly say yes, knowing that you will rarely prioritize the gym and end up skipping most gym dates with your sister to do something else.
You and your mom go clothes shopping on Sunday afternoon. What best describes your attitude in the changing room?
You smile and admire you reflection. Depending on how great you look, you may even step out of the changing room and ask your mom or the salesladies for their opinions.
You take an honest look at yourself. If you notice a change in waistline or a bulge here or there, you make a note to skip second helpings for the next month or so.
You're cringing inside. You think that every single thing you try on makes you look fat, flat or short.
While trying on a dress for the prom, you discover that it's your waistline that’s making it necessary for you to try on clothes one size bigger than your usual. What do you do?
Buy the dress in your old size without telling your mom. You then work out every day and diet obsessively until the dress fits like it should.
Consider coming back for the dress in a month, after working out regularly. Maybe you'll get back in shape just in time!
You buy the dress in a larger size. It fits and you look amazing in it. What's the problem?
You get invited by your crush to his prom. Excited, you try on your formal dresses and realize that they are all a little too tight. After stepping on a scale, you see that you've gained 10 pounds. What do you do?
Ask your mom if she can go with you to the mall to buy a new dress that will show off your great figure. Those dresses are old and from before you had your growth spurt... right?
Panic and make up some excuse to turn down your crush.
Wear slimming or shaping undergarments underneath my tried and tested little black dress.

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